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The Quest for the Holy Grail 

       Album Reviews


morbidangelalbum Morbid AngelKingdoms Disdained



BURIEDREALMalbumcoverweb  Bured Realm- The Ichor Carcinoma

belphegornewalbum Belphegor- Totenritual

n_cover_webpreview Nailblack-Envied

Astarotch D( Astaroth Incarnate

Marty Friedman.Wall of Sound.3000x3000Marty Friedman- Wall of Sound

NYN album artwork NYNEntropy of Chaos and Salt

uncured main alt image Uncured Medusa

Aborted Fetus - The Art of Violent Torture 5x5 300dpi Aborted Fetus- The Art of Violent Torture

kreatorgov Kreator-Gods of Violence

Montfaucon- Renaissance

cover_1483476660252934 Woe-Hope Attrition 

vileretribution Vile Retribution- Global Chaos


solitude-album-cover  Solitude- “Reach For The Sky”

ctulu_logo  Ctulu- “Ctulu”

stormtide_band_lineup  Stormtide- “Wrath of An Empire”

  Lamb of God- The Duke

  Virvum- Illuminance

Division Vansinne-Dimension Darkness

tbsu  The Black Scorpio Underground- Necrochasm

veilburner-the-obscene-rite-art  Veilburner- The Obscene Rite


possessor  Possessor- Dead By Dawn


rwalbum Rapheumets Well- The Exiled

Mizery- Absolute Light

Escarnium Interitus Escarnium-Interitus

Void Omnia Album Cover Void Omnia- Dying Light

GD30OB2-N.cdr Badr Vogu-Wroth

Deny_the_Cross-1500x1500  Deny The Cross- Alpha Ghoul

ghoulcover  Ghoul- “Dungeon Bastards”


carthaun Carthaun– “Stab und Schatten”


intothefire Destroyers of All“Into The Fire”


8016670119678 Fatal Impact– “Cancel Life”

Anthrax - For All Kings   Anthrax-‘For All Kings’

YETI_Screams_From_A_Black_Wilderness_1500x1500_COVER  All Hail The Yeti– ‘Screams From A Black Wilderness’


US We Bleed Metal Cover Art Large  Chastain- ‘We Bleed Metal’


centrilia   Centrilia– ‘Memento Mori”

   IMG_0483-0  Valleys– Experiment One Assylum

FA1  Fleshgod Apocalypse

europecd  Europe– War of Kings

all-hail-the-yeti  AHTY


Album_Cover  Tengger Calvary


Booklet 1 1400  Dancing Crap

morti  Morti Viventi

TheReAktion The Reaktion

CountingDays  Counting Days

OneMachine   One Machine

nile_wall  Nile– What Should Not Be Unearthed

Cattle Decapitation– The Anthropocene Extinction