Fate of the metal duelist:  Metal vs Cancer

BuriedRealmpressphotowebWhat’s up metalheads!!!  I have returned.  For those that care, thanks for reading.  No, no.  Please.  Don’t everyone get up at once.  They’re just words not porno.  With the world going to hell in the recent years it’s almost impossible to find a glimmer of hope.   A positive light.  Sure, we all have our battles and some are harsher than others.  While some will proceed in a frail state with their heads down to get through life others charge into  the unprecedented perils of life, sword and shield in hand.  Enter CO native/metal master Joshua Dummer and his brainchild Buried Realm.  Following the devastating news of being diagnosed with cancer, JD set out to handle the grueling task ahead with music.  METAL FUCKING MUSIC!!!  Backed by some of metal’s finest and elite musicians The Ichor Carcinoma tells the chilling story of how JD fought the beast and lived to tell about it.

Someone needs to make a metal opera out of TIC.  I want to see a C-list actor play JD and watch him punch a makeshift cancer mass on stage while “the fat lady” belches out agonizing screams, an indication of it’s cancerous end, followed by the synth solo in the title track played by Bob Katsionis (Firewind).  That solo is so fucking sweet it gave me diabetes for about 10 seconds then regulated my insulin levels.  Although the album starts with a gentle yet ominous intro, the title track launches a sweltering assault that paves a clear path for the rest of the songs.  Having Achilles on the cover of the album, facing the light as he fights through the darkness, is very fitting.  The Ichor Carcinoma (song) is clearly JD’s first stage (or surgery) in what was the fight for his life.  While it was probably one of many, the tone and energy in the songs reinforce the harrowing element of JD’s battle against cancer that’s left to one’s imagination.  You can hear the shrieking frustration of it all in JD’s lyrics and voice but he does not stand down.  The intensity of the music is copious and electrifying.  There are so many layers of metal in these songs you could drop 20 nukes on it and still not make a dent.  In other words, if you wanna prep for the “impending” North Korean assault, board up your house with TIC discs and vinyls.   Problem fucking solved.    

Doing a track by track review won’t do TIC any justice.  The fluidity of the album is superb as it beautifully intertwines some of metal’s most intense genres (what am I saying??  They’re all intense!!). In essence TIC is equal parts, thrash, tech-death, and speed metal with traces of core like claw marks on a cement wall.  Heavily sprinkled with melody, you got yourself a metal muffin to drink with your coffee.  What makes TIC all the more exciting are the guest appearances.  The all star metal team includes Peter Wichers (Soilwork), Brandon Ellis (Arsis), Chris Amott (Armageddon, ex-Arch Enemy) just to name a few.  I listened to TIC in one sitting more than once and a certain chill coursed through my veins every time.  JD paints a daunting picture of a certain doom averted by his unmatched strength and robust will to survive.  Rockbrary wishes Joshua Dummer a lengthy life and a relentless re-up on his metal health.   Raise your horns for JD and The Ichor Carcinoma, a metal triumph story.  Gather round children!  Here’s yet another tale of how metal will always prevail. 

See you in the mosh!!!


Written by: Clash The Impaler




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