All Hail The Yeti

all-hail-the-yetiMetal can be heavy, fast and brutal or simple, melodic and furious; that is exactly what All Hail The Yeti consists of. Since 2006, AHTY have released a metal driven by blues and heavy metal cords. This powerful quartet adds a thick atmosphere introducing songs with blues riffs (Alan Stoke, Guitar) and chaotic drums (Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz) blasting along with the pairing bass (Nicholas Diltz). Songs like “When The Sky Falls” start with a catchy guitar overtone melody, slowing down, yet still giving the song a brutal riff. The melodic voice of Connor Garritty completes these tracks and adds the anger metal needs. This hardcore metal band is leaving a footprint in the metal world, with their swampy tunes and touch of black metal riffs.

All_Hail_The_Yeti_2015_promoWith blues style lyrics in songs like “The Art of Mourning” AHTY separates themselves from everyone else and give their sound a heavy-fast-blues tone. Some of the bonus track like “Judas Cradle” are just melancholic, the ending riff and chorus are compelling and create a dark mood. Do not miss out on this bands re-issue album release this month of December, followed by a full studio album in 2016.







ALL HAIL THE YETI current line-up:
Connor Garritty – vocals
Nicholas Diltz – bass
Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz – drums
Alan Stokes – guitar

Reported By: Joe Doe


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