Destroyers of All:Portuguese -Proggressive Death Metal

destroyer1DENTRO DO FOGO!!! That’s Portuguese for “into the fire” if you didn’t fucking know by now. What’s up metaleiros!! Hostile Jo stumbled upon this bloodied gem called Destroyers of All and he said “Hey, anus impaler! Ya wanna give these guys a once over and write some nice shit about ’em?” And I said “Sure fucking thing anus examinus!” (That’s latin for proctologist….I think) Hailing from Coimbra, Portugal DOA lay down some serious ground work with heavy fu%*! metal. They layer that metal up with progressive elements, then build on it with a bit of thrash, death, and a dash of speed metal. I wanna see the big bad wolf try to blow this house down! You rarely hear bands pull off this kind of sound, but just in case I’ve been living under a rock oblivious to other bands doing the same, I’ll just say this: these guys do it right and they do it well. Five years in the making, DOA managed to put together some solid metal tunes. “Into the Fire” EP paints a sick picture, and on the eve of it’s full length release I anxiously await to hear the rest of this beast finish it’s work. The 6 track EP starts with an ominous intro. We hear the wretched screams of people dying or burning alive, followed by some laughter and then we slash into “Soul Retrieval”. Sounds like something out of a horror movie. It’s awesome! First bit of the song reminds of Black Label Society only faster and with a bit of thrash. The bass presence in this track is wicked as fuck. If demons perform exorcisms of pure energy on each other they would play this song while performing the ritual. Don’t worry this tune won’t make you barf on your friends and tell them their mothers suck cocks in hell. Unless you get totally wasted and all your friends happen to be priests.

    intothefire The next time you wake up with a hangover play DOA’s EP title track “Into the Fire” on full fuK1$9 blast. The first part will feel like someone catapulted a ball of raging fire right to your face! After that wakes you up brush off the 3rd degree burns and jump in the fucking mosh! The song demands it and so do the metal gods. Ya might wanna get some greasy food and a painkiller in you to help with the hangover and the, now amplified, headache thereafter. This song, is the anthem of dissidents everywhere. There is a small carnival like musical breakdown before going into a wicked lead that really sets DOA apart from anything I’ve heard before. We have a perfect blend of thrash, death, and speed here. Look both ways before you cross the mosh, “M4 “brings the EP down a couple notches with some brutal doom and gloom. It’s heavy as hell and we get some more killer bass presence. There is another eerie break down, halfway through the song staying true to the overall tone of the EP. We go up a couple gears before finishing nice and strong with some more raw doom and gloom. Not bad! There’s this killer, almost demonic like, lick in “Astral Projection”. It stabs right through the song at the 2 minute mark and it impales for ten bloody seconds. Almost like a prison shanking. The song starts off with a clean and wicked intro before turning into a brief but sharp lead that can cut right through damn steel. The leads here have a bit of a Alex Skolnick feel to them (“Trial by Fire”). That lead I was telling you about melts into a slow clean verse signifying there is Nothing Left, which brings us to a close with a virtuoso acoustic chord progression that emits a cool dark breeze to the senses. I have to admit to being very skeptical before giving DOA a listen. I’m glad I did. This is a solid EP that covers a pretty good part of the metal spectrum, the better chunk of it at least. The rest of this war painting will be unveiled March 18th. Be on the fucking look out or your gonna get mowed down. HJ is gonna be pissed cause I wrote another long ass review. Thanks for reading. See you in the mosh!!!!

Reported By: Clash The Impaler


“Bleak Fragments” comes out in March 18th through the newly founded Mosher Records. Pre-orders of the CD include a guitar pick, a band poster and free shipping. Order at
Take A listen to “Death Healer” off their new album-“Bleak Fragments”
Courtesy of Against PR

Check out the Video to “Hate Through Violence”


Official Site





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