Morbid Angel- Destruction Overlord

DSC_0729The Rise of Morbid Angel in the early 80’s was a renaissance for death metal. As time continued on its never stoping path, Morbid Angel delivered a collection of tracks that would torment the purest of souls. This year the long awaited release of Kingdoms Disdained has arrived and this machine of infuriated vocals has conjured a violent and heavy album. This Friday December 1st, heads will roll as you listen to the newest addition to the metal world.

Morbid Angel unleashes a rabid dog with their kick off track titled Piles of Little Arms, a devastating track that will keep your earbuds glued in anticipation of the next track. Morbid Angel is back on track with this decapitating record, after years of hiatus, the band has a new line up and brings explosive tracks. With Steve Tucker on vocals and bass, the band sounds heavy and has intensity in each track. If you listen to the track titled D.E.A.D. you will realize you are in for a relentless assault, both drums and guitar will punish you with a sludge sound, adding the morbid sounds of death metal. The speed on this track explodes in sections where they are needed, bringing you down to a harrowing which leaves you dumb- fucked. DSC_0812As you proceed, if you dare, to titled track “Garden of Disdain”, an explosive riff slays you immediately, Trey Azagthoth proves to be the lord of intense death metal sounds. With an axe that sharpened during the break of their career, Trey demonstrates his ability to compose virulent tracks like “Architect And Iconoclast”. In this track the elements of metal dive into a heavy sound one that chugs hammering riffs, which resonate across your brain. There is room for technicality, Morbid Angel sounds very well produced, with coherent compositions and not your typical nonsensical riffs, which each note in this track has a purpose, whether is a break, or rest, the tune continues to vibrate in your head. The impact each song on Kingdoms Disdained has will leave you lifeless after an hour of moshing, head banging and wrecking shit up. If you are a lover of Altars of Madness, this record will push the limits as you hear the drum work by Scott Fuller, imminent cannons! Dan Vadim Von demonstrates the ability of his riffage and drops brutal work on this track. If you are looking for a melodic sound, this is not it, this album is pure hatred, pure destruction. The track titled- “For No Master” will implode in your face, all elements of death metal are present, drums, guitars and of course vocals will rip your throat out.

The long awaited return of Morbid Angel is here, and they will destroy you with this brutal release of Kingdoms Disdained, out December 1st via Silver Lining Music, and in Japan in JVC.The despair of humanity is conveyed with this album, and whatever your torment is you can hear it in each song as  your inner demons are unleashed. Make sure to get your copy of this malevolent composition. 

Written by: Hostile Jo

Photos by: Jose Barrientos


MORBID ANGEL’s Kingdoms Disdained will be available on CD, vinyl and digital formats. Preorders are currently available at THIS LOCATION. A limited-edition boxset will be available to order shortly.

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