Cattle Decapitation- The Anthropocene Extinction

 Anthropocene – a scientific terminology for human interaction in the world and the effect it has on ecological devastation and world destruction. Ahh Key word destruction, it is the enfatuation the Heavy Metal world has and talks about so often. However, never given credit for issues brought up by this genre, such as political injustices, mass genocides, and now with Cattle Decapitation’s new album “The Anthopocene Extinction” Metal music has once more educated the world on the human impact on this planet we call home, and teachers would tell me not to listen to that nonsense. I call Bull$h!7 metal has always been out spoken and uncensored, Cattle Decapitation just has a brutal way of teaching geology.


With gory vocals by Travis Ryan depicting the extinction of human interaction in this dying world he prevails in this new relentless album. Guitar riffs that are fast and melodic with a touch of Black metal, Josh Elmore adds the symphony to those brutal drums by Dave Mc Graw amplified by the bass of Derek Engemann. Together this band ravages your ears and make your heartbeat speed up as the music hits you in the face. With the volatile abilty in their metal style, guitar solos shredding and double pedals Cattle Decapitation proves why they are still devastating your headphones, speakers and amplifiers after nineteen years. Signing with Metal Blade has pushed their envelope to create faster and more melodic music, combining Black Metal riffs and brutal drumming.

This band shows their ability to change from genre to genre in songs like ‘Circo Inhumanitas’ and even on ‘The Prophets of Loss’. If those titles don’t tell you much about what their songs depict then get a book and read, use your imagination. Death Metal is just a term for this kind of music, luckily it unites a group of “demented” people who are more realistic and bring issues to the table. Cattel Decapitation is just another band that loves to write meaninful metal, and we bow down to them as we are blown by their brutallity. Cattle Decapitaion

Joe Doe

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