NYN- Descending To The Abyss

nyn Entropy band photoAs progressive/technical death metal project NYN moves closer towards the August 11th release of Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt, the time has come for another exciting song from the release to be made public. The band partnered with Transcending Obscurity today to launch “The Hallway”, the third single from the album to be released so far.
Hostile Jo- “The album Entropy of Chaos and Salt is intense from beginning to end, what was it like creating g such a brutal record?” Here are some questions answered by NYN happy read!

NYN- “It was quite difficult and taxing! It took more than a year to make, because some parts were so complicated or tough that I really had to work to arrange them together. I constantly push myself to make more interesting and challenging music, and sometimes I felt that I went too far with this album, that I wrote some material that was beyond my ability to realize. Thankfully, with the help of Tom and Jimmy, I was able to bring the vision to life.”

HJ- “Who is behind the chaotic sounds that bring rage in this album?”

NYN- “Well, I (Noyan) write most of the material and the lyrics. I write the guitars and other instruments, then hand the stuff off to Jimmy, who adds layers upon layers of keys. I haven’t ever really rejected a single part he’s added, because everything he does is perfect. Then Tom conjures up some ridiculous solo on the part we laid out for him, and you get the end result. I’ve gotten some help from friends, like longtime friend Ali Mete for some songs and fellow Heavy Blog writer Ahmed Hasan on one song (The Hallway). Also, I have my regular guests Hayato Imanishi (Cyclamen) and Christian Muenzner coming back, and also CJ Jenkins from A Sense of Gravity lending his vocals on Omnipotence Paradox. I really appreciate all the collaborations I’ve been able to achieve, and I’m very happy to have been able to work with these awesome people.”

HJ -“Do you guys record the old school way, or work from home and send each part to one another and work on it later in the mixing process?”

NYN- “I kind of alluded to this already, but I record my parts at home, send the stems off to Tom and Jimmy, who then add their parts, and it all ends up in Tom’s hands who did the mixing and mastering. Tom’s in Germany so we haven’t really been in the same room during the making of the album or ever!”

HJ- “What bands inspired you to create this killer sound?”

NYN- “It’s a pretty big swath of artists. I take ideas from many bands I listen to like a sponge. Also what bands I take from changes depending on when you ask, because it’s so nebulous. The epic synth + blast beat feel from Keep of Kalessin, the prog sound from Dream Theater and the modern prog sound from A Sense of Gravity and Fractal Cypher, the avant-garde influences from Dodheimsgard and Aenaon, the death metal from Nile, Behemoth and Archspire, and a slew of other stuff like Maximum the Hormone, surf rock and middle eastern/mediterranean folk music.” 

HJ- “What was the hardest song to track down?”

NYN- “Definitely The Hallway. That song is ridiculously technical, inspired by Archspire’s blazing fast tech death sound, and is tracked entirely on fretless guitars and bass! It’s the shortest on the album but for good measure – if it was longer I’d probably have to give up guitar. Getting down those moments right, on double tracked fretless guitars, with all the sweeps, taps and chords was quite tough. Also the intro to Omnipotence Paradox is one of the hardest riffs I’ve ever done.”

HJ- “”That is definitely one of our favorite tracks. Do you plan on touring the States in support of this album?”

NYN- “Not currently, as we all have other engagements, and I don’t have a full band lineup. We’re all pretty busy with our jobs and other musical projects, and we don’t even live in the same country, so it’s pretty complicated.”

HJ- “Despite the progressive death metal scene being over saturated, you guys managed to create something unique, what’s the formula for such success?”

NYN- “I’d say the formula for success, if such a thing can be prescribed, is to not pigeonhole yourself. I see a lot of bands kind of adopting one style based on a couple of artists and kind of confining themselves into that. That’s very helpful for writing as those limitations can breed creativity, but the end product will sound restrained. I have a creed of “never reject something for being too weird or silly”. I’ll watch some 80s Turkish movie, the lick from the soundtrack will get stuck in my head, and I’ll start riffing off of that. Or watch an anime, and the opening song will inspire me to write a riff. These sound like really goofy and irrelevant points of reference for a death metal sound, but I challenge myself to make it work. In general, challenging yourself and trying to think out of the box is key.”

HJ- “How long did it take to produce this album?”

NYN- “Well, some of the riffs on this go back to as early as 2007, but active work on the album started in late 2014, right after the debut Eventuality. I took breaks, but for the past year I’ve been working pretty frequently on getting it done. It was going to come out earlier, but I felt like the album wasn’t where it needed to be, so I got Jimmy and Tom on board, and they completely changed the sound. Of course, that added several months to the process, but in the end it was worth it. Having a full time job and working on the album intermittently, I can’t really give a concrete number, but roughly two years, probably.”

Hj- “We love albums that have substance, is the record a conceptual one?”

NYN- “Kind of. It’s about a philosophical exploration of finding meaning through nihilism. No hard concept that ties everything together per se, but every song asks and/or answers questions related to that topic. The universe is chaotic and messy, and we can’t really put meanings on it, but we can find some inner peace through acceptance of that. Something along those lines. I don’t want to go too far into defining what the album means, because I think that’s a journey everyone should take for themselves, but those are some pointers, I guess.” 

HJ- “As a recording artist what was the personal goal to accomplish with this record?”

NYN- “I wanted to make something really complicated and interesting. I wanted to make the music I want to listen to. I have many bands I love, but almost no band that covers all aspects of the musical spectrum I enjoy. I wanted to be diverse and exciting. I think I accomplished that.”

HJ- “Thank you for the time and insight of this killer record.”

NYN- “Thank you for taking the time to listen and ask questions!”

The record is a brutal onslaught, the perfection of the synthetics and melodies will drive you mad. Make sure you pay close attention to transitions, sledge hammering on the drums and sinful vocals. NYN will bring you the darkest melodies and tracks to your console and be ready to unleash the fury within.




Pre-orders for Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt are now live here:

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Written By: Hostile Jo

Check this killer track titled- “The Hallway”:


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