Dancing Crap- Indie/Punk’s New Sensation

Booklet 1 1400Dancing Crap: a band that plays what they want as fans enjoy each beat of their music. This indie/punk band released their album titled “Cut It Out” in October 2015 via Agoge Records with whom they signed in 2014. With their completion of their Netherlands tour, they will focus on what is ahead of them. Check out their rhythmic song “The Sick Ones” with a funky groove and sick lyrics. dancing crapThe guitars (Eugenio Pavolini & Sal Ariano) start heavy, and turns into a psychedelic melodic riff. Of course with Ronnie Abeille on vocals it gives you a feel to that of Stone Temple Pilots sound,  adding that ‘90s rock genre sensation. The bass pairs up majestically by Bobby Gaz with the drums beats of Antonella Angelini. This band elicits those days of darkness, drugs and rock and roll created by no one better than the Ramones. It adds a great heavy indie/punk melody and gives room for a cigarette between those sick lips of rock lovers. Check out their music and fall prey to “The Sick Ones”.

Joe Doe

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