Escarnium- Interitus- The Next Level of Evil

escarnium promo picMore often, metal acts have emerged from the dust, or re-animated their carcasses to create dark sinister sounds that will instill euphoria in you. Escarnium, is one of those acts that will cut your fucking head off with their upcoming release of Interitus. The track “Radio Active Doom” is a brutal barrage that will stomp on the infidels’ heads creating a mash of brains. The velocity of the drums in this track matches those of the guitar riffs. Right at that moment when you think the assault is over, the band comes at you for a second storm of punches to the throat. Any metal head that likes dark, heavy fast death metal needs to check this band out.

The life will be sucked out of you when you hear “Ominis Mortuus Est- Interitus”, a rampage of heavy bass lines with demonic vocals. This is the requiem while demons are ravaging your soul in the pits of hell. This album will be available to enjoy at maximum volume on October 14th, via Redefining Darkness Records (N. America) and Testimony Records (Europe). As each song intensifies, the need to see them live will grow fonder, rendering a travel to Europe for their Funeral Rites European Tour in support of their upcoming release “Interitus” The record was mixed by no one other than Aborted’s own, John Bart Van Der Wal, at Hewwetover Studios in the Netherlands. There is a reason why this furious album sounds like explosions in a battlefield. Get your copy of this venomous sting, and be prepare for torture, brutality and your own demise.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Click Here For Tour Dates

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