The Prog-Death Metal Made in Switzerland , Virvum


There is music for musicians, in order to appreciate the level of skills this band known as Virvum possesses you must be opened minded to diversity. The sounds are devastating and aggressive, both vocally as well as instrumentally. With prog-death-metal evolving and claiming nearly  40 percent of 2016’s album releases genre wide, Virvum have demonstrated to have the required talent in order to create havoc. The introduction is a killer instrumental, where the bass is powerful and the guitars enhance the experience of this attack. An attack like the one Beyond Creation and The Zenith Passage would project is what this band manifests. A track you must pay attention to is Illuminance, as it starts with a mind bending archetype brutality on guitars, transitioning to the most disgusting guitar solos a soul can demand from this genre. The vocals on this are raw, and gory with the speed of thrash, yet deadly. cover

This band has been active since 2007, in Zurich, Switzerland, and they have been perfecting heir skills in all aspects of their sound, from furious guitar licks, to catapulting double bass pedals enveloping the heavy bass waves. Another mind blowing song is Ad Rigorem, the track has a great build up, which leads to a classic black metal riff in minute 2:00, perhaps a way to commemorate bands that have inspired such guttering sound and amazing talent demonstrated by these Swiss metal purveyors. I call songs by numbers, and this track number 5 (Tentacles Of The Sun) strikes you since the begging with a downward spiral of riffs, brutal, cutthroat and massive drum blasts which will leave you on the floor lifeless. The album is a continuous barrage of hate, aggression and perpetuated evil with each guitar riff, resonating drums, profound bass lines and gory vocals. This is the album you want to listen to and once the band is on tour catch them live too.

Virvum is:

Bryan Berger – Vocals

Nic Gruhn (Former European live guitar tour fill-in for Fallujah) – Guitar

Toby Koelman – Guitar

Arran McSporran (De Profundis) – Session Bass Guitar

Diego Morenzoni – Drums

Here is a killer track for you to rejoice with.

Virvum- Tentacles of The Sun- Illuminance

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