WOE, The Sounds of Anguish Conveyed With Black Metal

Metal is the music for the souls dwelling in darkness, the ones which feel nothing or too much anger, rage, depression, fear etc. If any of these emotions plague you, do not go to a therapist, do not resort to a psychiatrist; instead pick up some black metal and feel woe if anything. We are talking about the sound of WOE not the physical sensation of distress, but you can feel that too, WOE the black metal creators.

cover_1483476660252934WOE is a phenomenal black metal act from the US, they have created an evil force in its pure entity with their forthcoming album titled Hope Attrition. This record will give you all your black heart desires, from fast guitar riffs and blasphemous cannon blasts at each second of its existence. A malignant force spawned out of four dark spirits in 2007 will be bringing you some atrocious riffs. Riffs that resonate to the European black metal scene are skillfully executed on the track titled “Uneding Call of Woe”. The eerie black metal sounds spew all over the room, as you listen to the mere introduction of it this track, a daring eight minute song giving you all the mayhem necessary for a sacrilegious ritual. The master of vocals, Chris Grigg, exhumes a virulent attack on your ears with demonic chords as he amplifies the guitar rhythm. Along with Chris Grigg, Matt Mewton will enlighten your dark soul during track titled “The Din Of The Mourning”, this malefaction has a brutal start, filled with chaos and brutal drum work by Lev Weinstein. The bass is imminent in the track titled “Drowned Us With Greatness”, a brutal relentless sound that adds depth to this track as well as the entire album. This record is the creation of demons raging in hell, devouring puritans souls conveying their dark message.

It is true, there is art in darkness, and WOE just created a Mona Lisa with this wretched spawn. The record was produced by Stephen DeAcutis at Sound Spa Studios in Edison, New Jersey. The record is set to be released on March 17th on Cd, vinyl and digital formats. The band will spread ominous sounds across Europe joining forces with Ultha, starting April 14th in the Hamburg Is Droneburg Festival, in Hafenklang- Hamburg, DE.

Additionally, a remastered edition of debut, A Spell For The Death Of Man, is currently available digitally and on vinyl (limited to 500 copies) via Vendetta RIGHT HERE.

WOE w/ Ultha:

4/14/2017 Hamburg Is Droneburg Festival @ Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE [info]

4/15/2017 Vendetta Fest @ Tiefgrund – Berlin, DE [info]

4/16/2017 Conspiracy Of The Damned Festival @ Baroeg – Rotterdam, NL [info]

4/17/2017 Nexus – Braunschweig, DE [info]

4/18/2017 Club Famu – Prag, CZ [info]

4/19/2017 Escape – Vienna, AU [info]

4/20/2017 Doom Over Leipzig Festival @ UT Connewitz – Leipzig, DE [info]

4/21/2017 Dudefest Festival @ Jubez – Karlsruhe, DE [info]

4/22/2017 Roadburn Festival @ O13 – Tilburg, NL [info]

Stalk WOE:







Album Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

Photo By: Samantha Marble


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