Aborted Fetus- Brutal Bludgeon

Aborted Fetus - The Art of Violent Torture 5x5 300dpi

Russian death metal titans Aborted Fetus just released a guttural album titled The Art of Violent Torture, this one will tear you apart. The thirteen track album was released via Comatose Music on April 28th, 2017 a skillfully mastered and mixed by Alexander at Tsun Tsun Productions. This composition of death, brutality and depravity will have you slamming chairs on the walls. The venomous guitar riffs will inject your body and quickly fill you with adrenaline. The chaos starts with a heavy riff off the second track titled “Boiled Alive”, along with the brutal lyrical content, the impact of the music is imminent. This track only introduces the album for what lays ahead, a continuous bludgeon, a blood bath if we may. Aborted Fetus band photo 2017This band has title tracks straight out of gore movie scenes, ones that will make you cringe like “Hanged on the Hook by the Rib”. The hammering on the drums makes this song a virulent force, paired up with mind bending bass riffs and decapitating technical aggressive death metal guitars. This Record is a must have in the collection of gore, demented music and skillful murderous ways.

Written By: Hostile Jo

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