Lés Mizery kids see the light and they beckon to it.

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What’s up metal maniacs! Let’s get right to it. Hardcore/Metal quartet Mizery crashes into the music scene like a monster truck through a brick wall with their new full length album “AbsoluteLight”. Hailing from San Diego, CA this quadruple threat brings about a nicely executed blend of hardcore-metal. Usually I’m on a constant thrash metal binge like a kid on a swing thrusting violently into the air but when I slow the pace it’s usually to the likes of bands that can shell out heavy tunes. Now don’t get me wrong, Mizery has pinches and triggers of thrash here and there but even though they don’t match the speed of said genre the intensity is there.

mizery live-2

The album opens up with a brief fist clenching intro. Mike Salazar on bass gives the opener serious backbone with some of the finest fuzz and crunch I’ve heard emit from a 4 stringer. You’ll hear more of it throughout the album for this solid introduction sets the mood whetting your appetite.Fans of 90’s hard rock and early 00’s metal will dig AL. Taylor Parker on guitar brings the fat heavy riffs with crushing palm mute appendages complementing the hardcore element in Mizery’s sound. Jose Gonzalez on vocals has a distinctive tone that pays homage to punk/hard rock lead singers everywhere giving the group a mean and sharp edge. Let’s not forgetCayle Sain on drums owning the brutal time keeping machine and executing a crushing mix ofheavy beats needed to carry out a full scale assault. Mizery stays consistently heavy allthroughout Absolute Light carrying some serious weight while maintaining leanness in theirsound.

mizery_4_bw_web [photo by Nic Samayoa]They were able to achieve a bona fide and classic sound with a fine mix of heavy andhardcore elements. Very few guitar leads here but this is a different ball game so it is definitelynot lacking. My favorite tracks here are “The Power of Peace”, “Execution Style”, “The HardGoodbye” and of course the killer opener “Paramatman”. At first I felt like AL could use somemore melody but you know what? Fuck it. There is nothing to change here. All aboard theMizery machine. (Eat shit and die scooby doo!!!)

See you in the mosh!!!!

Reviewed By: Clash The Impaler

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