Possessor Some Sounds for The Macabre

possessorThere is Possessed and now there is Possessor, we will not compared as they are both different in all aspects. We are here to open your eyes to a band that perhaps you might not have heard on the radio, or happened to stumbled upon at a fair concert either. The guys from Possessor like to play raw, fast riffs. I will not categorize them to a specific genre as they have influences of punk, some nice groves and that bass is bitching. Their recorded attempt to lure you into the dark side is pretty sick, its out on cassette format, you get the real sound that old mono is killer.

They have released this addicting tape via Graven Earth Records, a boutique label that will explode soon if they keep picking up dudes like these ones. Possessor, possesses (lol) all the elements a metal band needs, they play intricate guitar solos, with heavy riffs that will make you headbang until your neck is sore. Their track “Afterburner” has a nice 80’s punk/metal sound and the vocals have an echo effect that simply fit the tone perfectly. The drumming in this album is no child’s play, the drummer has a great variation of pows and killer rhythm, speeding the songs like “Beneath The Chapel” is what he can do best. This drummer will give you that blasting sound you are looking for. The topics on this album are horror and the macabre. The band is based in London, and they are a brutal trio that play catchy music. The names are Yeti, Werewolf and Ghoul, now this is not their first malefaction as they have other EP’s on their bandcamp, so head over and check them out buy the tape or digital cope of Dead By Dawn, it will definitely stay in your player for a few weeks.

Reported By: Hostile Jo


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