Carthaun- “Stab und Schatten”

carthaun_promo_2The year was 2000, the famous Y2K scare of the century; where the Internet was going to crash, power would vanish, and the economy would fall. However, while America worried about this crazy idea of a modern apocalypse, Germany spawned Black Aggressive Metal. That’s right devil worshipers, if you have not heard of Carthaun, the time to hail satan is now, Straight from Rostock, Germany this band is bloody and sadistic. Their new album “Staub und Schatten” or “Dust and Shadows” is the epitome of black metal. Their sound is aggressive like a chainsaw mutilating demons in hell. The old German language is used to make the songs harsher to the listener, not that it’s a bad thing simply adds more satanical atmosphere. carthaun_HT_farbeNorthern Fog Records took the shot at this menacing black metal force; they felt the demons plunging its wicked knife piercing their ears with gruesome guitar riffs. The classic black metal drumming style is definitely perfected by “M” adding that speed on the cymbals, while “S” rips the entrails of his inner demon propelling that demonic voice outward. Angels weep as this band plays its demonic harmony, enslaving all who worship this genre of music. The sound of Carthaun is similar to that of 1349, you know those vicious Norwegian black metal blasphemous creators. Let their music convince you, and hail the mighty Carthaun.

Check out this Killer Song Below- “Durch!”

The Band is

S – bass /vocals / gituar / arrangements
DS – gituar
M – drum


CARTHAUN – Staub und Schatten Teaser // Official




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