Morti Viventi

MortiGA definition of trash metal has for decades been created in multiple styles. Anthrax, Exodus, Slayer, Megadeth and Evile have all prevailed in creating a symphony of chaos, brutality and aggression with their trash metal styles- all different but with one goal in common to make you trash the scene. A one-man band from the U.K. is emerging and will punish your ears with its brutal guitar riffs and drum double pedals. With a seven song album released this year 2015 Morti Viventi debuts in the metal scene with “The Day the Dead Returned”. Songs like ‘Hell On Earth’ will have you playing air guitar to the fast pace of the solos and heavy riffs. It is trash in its purest essence, one that will dominate the metal scene once again. mortiThe intensity on ‘Spawn of Another Kind’ and the amazing speed on the finger pulling and hammering is phenomenal and a riff out of this world. This band has the speed of Exodus and breakdown of Anthrax, undeniably a skillful musician. Get the debut album, and hear it for your self.

Check out the video of Morti Viventi- ‘Hell On Earth’

Also Check out their song ‘Spawn of Another Kind’

Joe Doe

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