Nile- What should Not Be Unearthed


Sanders and then gang sure packed an album with fury titled What Should Not Be Unearthed. This is their studio album, and they keep creating raw and furious. This album is packed with 10 non-stop ear assaults with heavy drums and voracious guitar riffs. If the gory vocals are not enough for you just listen closely to the bass line, as it echoes and resonates in your eardrums. Together, Nile executes not only an astounding album, but they continue to reign in their Greek mythical story telling songs. Speaking of the dead Greek gods isn’t enough they touch base on Palestinian wars, and destruction civil wars in the Middle East and military assault on the perpetrators. In this album Nile has addressed an issue that affects the Middle East with their song titled, “A Call To Destruction” a song that speaks about atrocious acts. Acts that take are mastermind by a terrorist group, where to some cultures the paradigm can be different, as cultural art works have been destroyed. nilephotoNile keeps pushing them selves by creating fast guitar riffs and skillful guitar sweeps with Greek melody fused in each song. For those familiar with Nile’s style you will not be disappointed, as they are not repeating anything they are simply working hard on new music that will give you a piercing punch and give you that dose of Brutal Death Metal.

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