Raw Black Metal- Nailblack

Nailblack Band Photo

The energy surge that travels through your body when you listen to an album which takes you back in time is inexplicable. Bands who can pick up elements of the second wave of black metal, and honor it by delivering similar riffs and brutality; will always have a place in your dark soul. A band delivering morbid sounds and furious vocals is named Nailblack, and they will punish your soul with their upcoming release titled, Envied. You can definitely hear moments of similar sounds by bands like Mayhem, Carpathian Forest, and Satyricon.

Nailblack’s record, Envied, kicks off with a black metal song titled- “Kingdoms Crumble”, a savage song with gritty hymns. Pure raw black metal is what this record consists of, definitely a primordial sound. Nailblack, kicks off their second track with a mellow tempo rhythm and it remains steady adding a sliding riff that creates black energy within you. Their sound is a renaissance going on in the black metal scene, it is called Black ’n Roll, bands like Abbath, and Midnight are generating this brutal sound, Nailblack is getting behind this and pushing forward with sword in hand. You can hear the speed of black metal on track “The Wolf”, an imminent striking song, four minutes of pure mayhem. This is evil in it’s purest form, Black Metal, since the dawn of time. The altars will be set for carnal sacrifices as “Pig Digger” explodes in your face with vicious laments and relentless drums. Think Hellhammer, delivering those atrocious blasts that will rip your soul in the eternal flames of hell. The gods will weep, as “Pig Digger” annihilates your soul with the ear piercing guitar solo, a dainty composition emerging out of the darkness.

The wretched compilation only devours your soul as it continues execrate songs like Unholy Holy War, a maelstrom of riffs, drums and diabolical vocals. The growls of demons, the cannons of black metal veterans will plague your mind in this album debut by Nailblack, out on September 29th, via Redefining Darkness Records.


Written by: Hostile Jo




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