Fleshgod Apocalypse, Obscura, Wolfheart & Thulcandra Conquered Mesa, Arizona’s The Nile Theater

Fleshgod Apocalypse

 The sounds of music have once again hit the ears of those who enjoy aggressive yet majestically composed metal. In the desert town of Mesa, Arizona at the Nile theater four heavy hitters brought with them astonishing sounds and gory vocals that elicit the soul. Headliner Fleshgod Apocalypse, hailing from Italy, conquered this theater with support by Obscura, Wolfheart and Thulcandra. The fans did not disappoint and rejoiced during this memorable display of metal.

The opener for this tour was Thulcandra, with their death/black metal sound they got the stage warmed up and the crowd amped up. Steffen Kummerer guitarist and vocalist delivered a mind melting performance, playing tracks from the new album A Dying Wish, which was released in 2021 via Napalm Records. The ensemble played heavy and the relentless drumming by Alessandro Delastik erupted throughout the night. With dark atmospheric moments, both guitarist Mariano Delastik delivered true death metal that made fans rage on the pit. The plethora of brutal riffs enticed the fans and the quartet played a fantastic open which set the mood for the remaining bands.

Wolfheart Photo

Wolfheart came in heavy, the melodic death metal band sang about Finnish mythology the origin of these guys. Wolfheart lead by Tuomas Saukkonen ravaged the stage, playing heavy and tight. The sounds pervaded the Nile Theater as fans headbanged to relentless drumming by Joonas Kauppinen and intoxicating leads by Vagelis Karzis. The energy this band has on stage is contagious and reciprocated by the fans, they viciously moshed and sang along to each song. Their latest album titled King of the North was released in September 2022 via Napalm Records, their tracks sound amazing performed live. Such heavy riffs created a brutal atmosphere and for those who never had heard of Wolfheart they were enamored and ran to the merch booth to purchase their shirts. This band delivers a sonic wave of death metal and aggressive intricate story telling.

Co-headliner Obscura delivered a phenomenal performance of brutal technical death metal. After their most recent release, A Valediction, via Nuclear Blast Records the band ensued a trek across America with Interloper and friends, this show was relentless. Their musicianship is incomparable and mind twisting solos as well as gory vocals give Obscura a special sound. The band is speared headed by Steffen Kummerer, who earlier opened the stage with Thulcandra. The magnificent sound resonates as the bass drops heavy riffs and virtuoso lead guitarist shreds with ease and heaviness. This ensemble executes each track with a potent energy that melts skulls and shatters walls in any venue. Their technicality is seen live, and they are masters of their instruments.

Obscura Photo

The final band was no one other than Italian maestros, Fleshgod Apocalypse. With astonishing orchestrations, violent guitar riffs, intense drumming and a beautiful and delightful opera singer Fleshgod Apocalypse conquered every stage across North America. There is no doubt, Fleshgod Apocalypse is a modern-day Mozart, Francesco Ferrini gives life to the brutal sound conjured by the rest of the band. The astonishing opera vocals by Veronica Bordacchini warms any listeners soul delivering sopranos during devastating drumming by Eugene Ryabchenko. All these beautiful sounds blend in to instill euphoria, melancholy and a mixed of anger and sadness, a whirlwind of emotions. The guitar solos laid down by Fabio Bartoletti awaken the beast within as Francesco Paoli delivers gory vocals and energizes the venue with his charisma and heavy riffs. With touring bassist Ludovico Cioffi stepping in for this tour the band performed as deadly as ever. Veronica took more lead vocals during this tour, creating a very special one while Paolo Rossi’s absence is missed. The band played a great set, from tracks like “No”, “The Fool”, “The Violation” fans sang and moshed relentlessly; a furious night filled with orchestrations, brutal riffs and angelic vocals, nonetheless.

All four bands brought their heaviest riffs, gory vocals and amazing story telling styles. There was never a dull moment, as each performer on stage delivered sweet and talent. Make sure to keep a close eye on all the bands and buy their music its worth every penny.

By: Jose Barrientos

Photos by: Jose Barrientos

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