Oakland Black Metal – Void Omnia

VO - bw - PrintLet us come forth and raise our horns for the band giving us a brutal display of black metal, Void Omnia, a relentless cosmic spawn. Straight from Oakland, California Void Omnia has released their debut album, and what an album- Dying Light is an epic throwback to classic black metal with fast guitar riffs and sounds reminiscing those of Mayhem and Bathory. The track “Remanence Of A Ghost Haunt” is an endless attack to your dark soul. The guitar riffs are non stop, with the speed demon behind those drums and a striking voice. The hammering on this entire album gives you a taste of the cosmos, the dark light in the middle of that black hole. This album was meant to suck your life out, and leave you lifeless on the ground. The melodies are a blaze from the pits of hell, burning every corner of the universe, a fierce omen.

Void Omnia is true black metal, perhaps inspired by the European countries, non-the-less it was written in America. The band was formed by band members who played together in previous acts, Mike Jochimsen on guitars and Tyler Schroeder as well as vocalist Jamison Kester. If you have heard Tombs and Ruine make sure to check this killer act, as their insidious sound will pervade your body, rendering it to demonstrate a rage to be feared. The Drums are brutalized by Cody Stein (Tragic Death) while the bass is molested by dark forces purveyed by Justin Ennis( Ex-Mutilation Rites). This LP is but a preview of what the ensemble has in stores for the masses. It was recorder in Oakland’s Warhammer Studios, handled by Greg Wilkinson. It was mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording in Minneapolis. The Galactic art work was fitted by Glenn Schonn released via Germany’s Vendetta Records. Make sure you get this incinerating LP as it will turn your soul into thin air.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Void Omnia- Dying Light-“Remanence Of A Ghost Haunt”-


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