Veilburner- Malevolent Black Metal, as Insidious as Death It Self

The reincarnation of evil is what humankind has requested by all atrocious acts done through time, and Veilburner is giving them exactly that with black metal tracks that malignantly eviscerate their soul.

veilburner-band-photo-1If you have read Dante’s Inferno, in purgatory is exactly where you will hear this punishing album by Veilburner, The Obscene Rite. A take back to black metal, with luciferian sounds, track “Necroquantuam Plague Asylum” has the blackest atmosphere right before it explodes with diabolical roars. The guitar riffs in this song are mind twisting, and your soul will surely be shredded in the blazing pits of hell. This maelstrom of instruments, brings out the evil inside, creating a hell on this planet earth. The drums are eruptions from the deepest hole in hell, reaching out and dragging your sinful cadaver. As the bass cleanse those sins off your soul, you hear the master of disharmony reading your last rites.

veilburner-band-photo-2Track after track there is a constant depravation, and defilement of the soul. The hell hammers are preparing the blades and axes to be used during your execration in track “Vaterchen”, as the song sets the stage for the torturing of souls. This track is filled with ambiance, as it builds up the guitars shriek in agony, and the drums add brutality to the harmonious requiem played as the torture begins. The album is a road to hell with twist and turns, at each turn you can hear the heavy guitars, bass and atrocious drums. All these instruments create a chaos of sounds, that in the perfect hell they all align to create what is Veilburner’s new album, The Oscene Rite. A whole 5 out of 5 is given to this album, as it transports you to the deepest corners of hell on earth, and seduces you like a succubus would, erotically and mischievously.

Review By: Hostile Jo

Digital pre-orders for The Obscene Rite are now live through Bandcamp for the obscenely low price of $5


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