Fatal Impact- A Norwegian Power Metal Wave

DSC_9686 copyPower Metal has long been the criticized metal, one to be absurd and liked the least by metal heads etc. From the deep frosty tips of Norway comes a Heavy Power Metal band named Fatal Impact. This is a band with the vocals of fury by Jorns Oyhus as he adds that powerful guitar and shrieking voice. Norway is known for the rise of black metal, burning churches and Satanism if you may. However, Fatal Impact has more melody and powerful statements of earth’s pre-apocalyptic times. The cold weather of Norway has given us amazing music and artist that spend time writing phenomenal riffs. The new album “Cancel Life” is bringing back what bands like Manowar, Blind Guardian, and Helloween created. The power of metal is spelled in the song titled- ‘ Hidden in Plain Sight’; the strumming of the guitar with the palm-muted cords makes it a giant song. The introduction to ‘Mindwar’ is a melodic powerful riff; as the drums bold sound give the speed to the song. Drummer Sondre Svendsen can bang a drum and has a creative mind as he gives rhythm to this furious song. The guitar solo toward the end of minute three is vicious and has an impaling sound, Per Jorns Olsen gets down and shreds like a guitar god.

The song titled “Cancel Life” is a life-battling anthem, and the bass by Freddy Alund is imminent. This Norwegian power metal band added a melodic love jam; “Just A Memory” can be the ballad of this album with a magnificent synthetic keyboard sound in the mix. If you are missing someone, or had a death this is definitely the song to blast and sing along during your melancholic miserable days. Do not let that fool you; this album is loaded with power metal riffs, blasting drums, groovy bass notes and an incomparable powerful voice. This is not their first time at the rodeo; they released “Law of Repulsion” in 2008. Followed by their 2012 release of “Esotoria” mixed and mastered by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Music Studios in Genoa (Italy). Get a copy of this album out now; get a load of their titled song “Cancel Life” courtesy of Against Pr.

Reported By: Hostile Jo




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