Astaroth Incarnate- Sacrificial Requiems

Astarotch D(The band Astaroth Incarnate comes straight from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where hell is known to be setting their evil pits of fire. From those hellish holes, Astaroth Incarnate emerged creating this brutal sound and with their upcoming new EP- Omnipotence- The Infinite Darkness this band has set foot forth marching with satan.

Astaroth Incarnate’s ominous instrumental introduction titled “Obscurity” will pull you in for a brutal barrage of pain, that will leave you lifeless, to be reanimated with hunger for death metal. Their chemistry in the studio recording these tracks shows in each second of the album. The track “Curse of The Black Plague” is a fiendish composition, filled with extreme death metal, and a touch of trash metal among the riffs. The vocals resonate of a demon lurking in hopes to find a living being to annihilate. The Intense drums off this track will floor you. The quick section of breakdowns is well incorporated, but nothing too amplified, instead they deliver pinch harmonics, and brutal rampage on the axe. With this intricate track they will decapitate you. If you survived this track, you will find your self being mutilated by the titled track “Unfleshed”, a vicious attack, with relentless drums. The bass is prominent and adds a glorifying sound overlapped by the insidious guitar solo kicking in on minute one. This track will have you head banging from beginning to end, a ravenous misanthropy in the mist of darkness is what this song is. If you are looking for guitar hammering, pull offs, and demons roaring at your face check this track out.


This band has the skills of a well oil running machine, with their tapping introduction on Sanctum of Torment, your ears will be pleased you stumbled into this tremendous song. The tempo slows down a bit, however it is a heavy track that has impact on your feeble body. The guitars simply shred during this track, this band could not have done it better, they simply devastated your ears and smashed your skull in with their virulent requiems. Do not be fooled, simply because this is an EP, each track is as long as 9 minutes or less, but not shorter than two minutes. Each track has enough power, evil and metal in it, you might as well get the ice pack ready for that whiplash to follow. The track Re-creation is the best way to end this record, with a killer riff right off the get go, you will be faced by atrocious vocals, those which metal consists of. This record has the poetry demons love, and the riffs, drumming and bass hell is meant to evoke during ceremonial sacrifices. Hail Astartoh Incarnate, and be ready to rage.


Written by: Hostile Jo


Astaroth (Sam) – Vocals/Lyrics
Pablo Sagastume – Guitars
Ric Galvez – Guitars
Sergio Moyano – Bass
Émile Giordan – Drums


CDN Records Website:
CDN Records Email:


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