necrochasm2Right before Halloween, The Black Scorpio Underground will unleash their third macabre album titled Necrochasm, a full length album recorded at Black Blood Studios in Long Beach California and Hollydale Asylum, in Downey, California. The record will hit the web via The Black Scorpio Underground’s official Bandcamp page. This album features Samantha Viola of T.O.M.B., Dreadlords, and Skulkyr. Each second of the track “Mortuum” is eerie, prepping you up for a freaky yet dark ambiance. If you want to enjoy a nice Halloween make sure to get this record and play it as you watch slasher movies. This track will make you paranoid and you will not even want to walk to the bathroom, so grab a copy.

You know those macabre sounds in haunted places, the black death industrial necromancers will give them to you. Each terrorizing sound is a wavelength of sound that inspires the most sinister ideas to dwell in your head. That deep boat hum is introducing “She Who Cannot Be Saved”, with the ominous sounds of an empty asylum, industrial sounds resonate and take you in a turmoil of dark scenarios that will make you paranoid and make your skin crawl. Envision your self walking at to an abandoned hospital, the pale moon up on the sky welcomes you to your nightmare. You enter the place, the doors creek, and the stench of death hits your nose, yet you still walk in. A flashlight at hand, (shaky) and the noises are louder as you stand still mid empty waiting room. The dark rooms play tricks on your mind, and your eyes see what’s not there. The soundtrack to those moments are played in this album, those voices in the distance are heard by you only, and the boiler room screams out your name with water drops, and rodents scratching at the walls. That is what Venereal Liturgy will make you feel, that eerie sensation rendering chills down your spine.

T.B.S.U. is the brainchild of world-renowned tattoo artist/musician, Joe Truck, inker to many of black metal and industrial music royalty. Truck, who’s been a staple within the NYC deathrock/punk and goth scenes since 1979, has performed in bands with members of Swans, Einsturzende Neubauten, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Snakefinger, and Samhain. Truck is also the founding member and guitarist in New York City-based 1982 goth act Scarecrow.

“THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND has my full support for being a malevolent anomaly in US and more specifically Californian subculture, upholding the traditions of the old harsh noise scene. ” — Erik Danielsson, Watain


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