Electro-Metal/Hard Rock: The ReAktion

The_ReAktion_promo_pic_oneAlt-electro-rock band discoverd by legendary GGGarth, The ReAktion has released their physical version album named Selknam via Mainia Recordings. Imagine Dragons first tried to fuse the sounds of electro and alternative rock which worked out for them, now The ReAktion is composing music mixing alternative, electro and hard rock together to get their new sound. Straight from Santiago, Chile Simon Rojas (Vocals), Diego Seguedo (Guitar) and Leonardo Signorelli (Drums) are going to show America during the Knotfest this coming weekend what their new sound can elicit in fans minds. Their talent in the guitar and drums allows this band to sound heavy and make you want to dance with your horns up. TheReAktion It is said that songs titled ’10 Steps to Success’ and ‘Synchro’ will be played at the live show in San Bernardino, California during the Knotfest. The ReAktion are messengers of social awareness, and social movements, with their political issues discussed in their songs they will wake up those asleep and unite the masses. Don’t miss out The ReaKtion and make sure to get their electro-metal album out October 21st, via Miania Recordings

The ReAktion

Reported by: Jose Barrientos


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