Anthrax’s 40th Anniversary Tour

 Anthrax, the New York City thrash metal band celebrated 40 years of a successful career. With support by Black Label Society and Hatebreed, they embarked on a North American tour. The place, The Fillmore at Denver, Colorado the mile high state, where plenty of metal heads gathered and raged during this anticipated performance. This is the summer of live music’s return, and the bands delivered an energetic performance.

Jamey Jasta Photo
Photo By: Jose Barrientos: Jamey Jasta

The first act of the night was Hatebreed, lead by Jamie Jasta, the ensemble came in with some powerful sounds and amped the crowd throughout their set. Songs fans love were performed, fans moshed in the pit and raised the horns to such a tight performance. Bassist Chris Beattie brought some heavy tunes for the fans to slam while drummer Matt Byrne blasted his cannons to the rhythm of brutal breakdowns. The guitar sound permeated the venue and as the chandeliers shook Jamey Jasta delivered insane vocals. The fans enjoyed a phenomenal performance while enjoying a brew. Soon in enough the air scent changed and fans were enjoying nature’s gift, meanwhile bonding, and raging shoulder to shoulder during Hatebreed’s brutal performance. The band showed how much they missed playing live and saluted the late Trevor Strnad of the Black Dahlia Murder. It was a night to remember and show their fans the appreciation for their long-lasting support.

Zakk Wylde Photo
Photo by: Jose Barrientos: Zakk Wylde, Dario Lorina

Co-headliner, Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society came in ready to deliver a set filled with solos, octane metal and impressive performance. As the night progressed, Black Label Society hooked the fans with amazing guitar licks and relentless drumming. Tracks like “Fire it Up” and “Still Born” were exceptionally played and the chemistry of the band on stage is incomparable. Zakk Wylde played his Schecter guitar series (images seen below), an amazing series, with such precision and fluidity delivering the shrieking sound that pierced souls. A remarkable rendition to late Dimebag Darell and Vinnie Paul set the fans in a trans, the tracked played was “In This River” and two big flags dropped on both sides of the speakers of both mentioned artists. The fans enjoyed this track among the guitar solo face-off between Zakk Wylde and Dario Lorina a display of talent by both guitarists.

Anthrax Photo
Photo by Jose Barrientos: Frank Bello, Scott Ian & Joey Belladona

The moment fans were waiting for was introduced by a killer preview of the 40year anniversary footage of multiple artists raving and playing homage to Anthrax. Artists like Rob Zombie, James Hetfield, Brandon Boyd, Gene Simmons and more welcomed Anthrax to the stage. The set was filled with thrashy riffs, brutal drumming and amazing vocals. Joey Belladona unloads a powerful set of vocals for songs like “I am the Law”, and “Indians”. Scott Ian takes a leap off the ground as he delivers the signature guitar sound which Anthrax is known for teaming up with Johnathan Donais who delivered mind blowing guitar solos. Drummer Charlie Benante hammered away to the most ferocious tunes and had blazing set. Bassist Frank Bello paced back and forth the stage with a vivid smile and killer bass notes that gave depth to songs like Evil Twin and “”. 40 years of pure adrenaline, those who witnessed this performance can say they have seen one of the greatest thrash metal acts in the world. The crowd raged from the balcony to the main pit, fans all of ages were blown away for either first time or 10th time, they were all different with one common thing; their love for thrash metal and Anthrax.

By: Jose Barrientos

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