Kreator-Gods of Violence-The Message is Loud & Clear


The time for war is now, and metal is the way to convey those ideals and provide aggressive music. Kreator, has unleashed their fury in their new album titled, Gods of Violence, released via Nuclear Blast Records last Friday January 24th. The record has amazing work and Kreator has given us a heavy sound more like the past, just faster, and the aggressiveness still remains. The album kicks off with a march like track titled “Apocalypticon” a way to instill war nostalgia. Whether you oppose it, or are for it, this track will infiltrate your mind preparing you for a hostile revolution. Kreator, has been known for political tracks before and this album is filled with those topics, including the claim that satan is real. The track “World War Now” is an explosive catharsis, that will surely make you rage in the pit. You will “hear the cries” during the powerful guitar riffs and solid drum work, if this is not a call for arms, and highlight of where the world is headed, then you are missing the message.

Music is beyond creative forces, it is a depiction of issues around the world. This album is for sure the soundtrack to our era. If you want to hear amazing guitar solos just wait for minute 3:20 of “World War Now”, where the vibrato and finger agility will shriek with rage. You have seen the video to “Totalitarian Terror”, this track is packed with adrenaline pumping needles, the killer bridge in 00:40 seconds is very clever, but the relentless drum blasts (Ventor) continue along with the punishing vocals by Mille Petrozza and guitar virtuosity by Sami Yli-Sirnio. I can only imagine how fast the bass notes are by “Christian “Speesy” Giesler; the entire ensemble strikes with magnitude in this magnum-opus by the German Thrashers known as Kreator. The track “Gods of Violence” will the be chant for the night in any venue they stop to destroy with their requiem of death and violence. The pits will burn down, and the world will be set a fire with lyrics like “we shall kill”, time to break those chains and fight the battle we all have been in and defend the metal these gods play with such vigor. Check out track “Side By Side”, the guitar solo comes in with a nice whammy effect, but the message of the lyrics written by Mille Petrozza are bone chilling, they will remain by your side as you fight this battle. The music is total destruction, a beautiful creation we all love.  Non-stop guitar riffs, drum blasts heavy bass notes and aggressive vocals is what you will get from this thrash metal album by Kreator. This band has been creating tasty thrash metal music sine 1984, and their experience in music composition shows in this great album, get it today.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

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