Division Vansinne- Swedish Black Metal Raw and Powerful

In the mood for some classic black metal? Division Vansinne has all the riffs, death lyrics, and darkness to fill your sunshine day and turn it to an ominous one. Straight from Stockholm, Sweden the hard work and malevolent creativity will be imposed on lovers of real black metal. The debut album Dimension Darkness is pure evil and contains elements your classic Swedish metal bands incorporate in their marvelous sounds. The trio punishes the ears with exquisite guitar(General TVX) riffs in track “Goathorns Rising”, adding that rhythmic tremolo getting heavier by the minute. Also on vocals, the depth of this miscreant’s voice is abominable and synchronizes with the meteorite shower explosions behind the drums(Terrorblaster).

band-photoThis band has had many line up changes with other talented musicians leaving and returning but Terrorblaster and General TVX have kept this savage sound alive in the pits of hell. The relentless drum beating is paired up with an immense bass sound ( Ljusebring), propelling the drums to resonate and make the world tremble. The maliciousness is ejected in track “Andlost Javla  Galenskap I Blod”, a song that has classic power cords being strummed out adding an insidious tone, making those drums and cymbals to render your neck muscles to twitch in excitement as the General gores his vocal cords out to the unholy.  Nothing is out of the ordinary when you lavish your self in dark hymns and summon dark deities into your cd player, mp3 player or laptop stream, except the fact that black metal tones will unveil their fruits and limbs will be cut off by the sharpening wavelengths intensifying at each music note this trio conjures.

This band spawned in 2008, with a goal in mind to ravage stages and add darkness to the lives of those who dwell in brightness, this album will surely suck you in like a black hole, get your copy and make sure to stay tuned for more news on this Swedish Black Metal force. As the Record was released September 20th, 2016 via Black Lion Records make sure to get your copy here

Review By: Hostile Jo

Check out this Track here.

Division Vansinne-“Goathorns Rising”- Dimension Darkness- 

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