Ctulu- German Extreme Metal- New Album Out 11/18/2016

ctulu-cover-1000pxExtreme Metal has been created constantly by purveyors Ctulu, from Germany. This band will be releasing their next self titled album  Ctulu on November 18th, 2016 via MDD Records. This records is one that needs to be added to the collection of extreme music. The record is packed with eight diabolical songs, which will raise hell in the pits. Their sounds has some darker riffs with slow drums which simultaneously speed up making each track a capsule of hate. If you are a lover of the Necromonicon make sure to grab a copy of this hateful act.

The repulsion depicted in this album is inhumane, one that will linger once the album is done playing. The vocals by M, and A are a combination of shrieks, whispers and gasps. The battleground is something filled with rage,and spite. The titled song-“Roxgoryczona, rozczarowana, a gotowa na wszystko” is a slow starter, but it provides enough impact which allows you to continue listening to it until it picks up. The lyrics sound brutal, the drums are raw and fast.  This German trio are writing music that is both aggressive and dark.

ctulu-photo-2016The record was mixed and mastered in the Soundlodge Studio by Jorg Uken in Rhauderfehn. Meanwhile the blasphemous drums were worked on with Oliver Carell/Blastbeat Productions in Kiel. The final product is a meteor filled with anger, hate and violence that will impact your life for 35 minutes relentlessly. So remember in a world filled with hate, we need more savage music filling our vile minds. Get your copy this Friday and join the scornful sounds of Ctulu.

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