Chastain-Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal the music of the gods, it is not dead it simply slept and now the titans are awake creating destructive metal songs. Metal has the ability to resurrect that demon inside of you, to portray stories of dragons, kings and queens living a farce life and speaking of political issues. Chastain Band Pix 72 dpiThere is a band that reunited in 2013; their sound is heavy, fast and lethal. Chastain’s vocalist can express that heavy metal sound with ease, the original singer Leather Leone is back and her voice sounds heavier and powerful. Their new album ‘We Bleed Metal’ is a continuation on the album ‘Surrender To No One’, a classic heavy metal masterpiece. The original bassists Mike Skimmerhorn is back giving this band that heavy bass sound. Meanwhile, the drums are now being hammered by the talented Stiant Kristofferson (Pagan’s Mind, Firewind) and the sound is heavy.



Guitarist David T. Chastain can guarantee us that this new album is his expression of the topics he finds important in todays social, political and self-preservation. The guitar work on this album is creative, heavy and shredtastic. They have that classic metal sound, one from which many other bands have strayed but with their solos and modern concepts this band is shedding new light on heavy metal once more. The album contains songs like “We Bleed Metal”, a battle cry for those fans who love metal, becoming all one to break down stigmas society describes this genre of music as.

Leather 3There are fast riffs, guitar solos and screaming vocals, all a formula for a great classic heavy metal sound. This new album ‘We Bleed Metal’ has songs like “Evolution of Terror” giving it a doomy intro, and melodic vocals. Make sure to get a copy of “We Bleed Metal’ by this majestic destructive force known as Chastain.

Check out their Song-“All Hail The King”

‘We Bleed Metal’ -Leviathan Music

Leviathan Studios- Atlanta, GA

Recorded by-Michael Pelletier


Listen to “We Bleed Metal”- Chastain

Reported by: Hostile Jo


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