One Machine- The FInal Cull

OneMachineOne Machine is back with their second full-length album, The Final Cull out now. The song titled “Forewarning” is the stepping-stone for this album. It strikes you with a magnitude of powerful metal composed with heavy fast riffs by Steve Smyth on guitars, along with Jamie Hunt. The melody in the self titled song ‘The Final Cull’  will make the masses sway side to side. This song has guitar solos coming in and out of the song, adding some compelling double bass pedals by Michele Sana. Ex Testament song writer and guitar player Steve Myth is everything but short of musical talent. Stefano Selvatico completes the band on bass making sure this album has depth and thickness. Vocally talented Chris Hawkins sings with melodic power and gets to the core of your dark soul in songs like “Summoning of The Soul” and “Screaming For Light”.OneMachineP One Machine is definitely a metal force to be reckoned as the band members are all musically talented, and their chemistry yields a heavily built album. The Final Cull by One Machine is out now get your copy

Check out their official video of The FInal Cull, prepare to be blown away.

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