Stormtide- Masters of Fantasy-Melodic Death Metal

stormtide_band_lineupTake a trip to the vast lands where battles are won, and kingdoms are conquered, as Stormtide will carry you to such territories with their new album, Wrath of an Empire. This Australian six man band will elicit your imagination with their folk symphonic death metal. Their sound is similar to Ensiferum incorporating keyboards by Reuben Stone, who also does vocals along with Taylor Stirrat. The self titled song “Wrath of An Empire” is aggressive, filled with melody from the start and the orchestration is majestic. The track explodes to rhythmic composition that gives vigorous drum work by Jake Pickering and that bass gives depth to the songs that are filled with an asian theme.

stormtide_liveshot_1You can see a battle starting in the highest mountains of China, as daggers are flying across the sky with one goal in mind, to terminate the aggressors. Guitar work is done by Nic Woodhouse, a powerful and skillful axe master, stays in theme with the song, adding those guitar solos and intriguing the listener with its oriental sound. The fantasy depicted in each song like “As Two Worlds Collide” is inspiring, this song can be the soundtrack to your voyage as you travel across the world. One can say, tack “Dawnsinger” is aggressive vocally at the intro, and the guitar work is heavier in this one (good job Tyson Richens, Nic Woodhouse), the ambiance in the background is nostalgic. The heavy drumming in the entire album is is a total neck breaker, a colossal album which will resonate across stadiums and venues across the world as soon as they tour. If you would like to hear more on this band, words cannot describe the sound provided by these guys, they are masters of their craft, and eloquent writers of vistas, of scenic flights, and gory battles that take place in a land of green and fire, of blood and sweat where guitar solos and orchestrations come together with cannon blasts to produce Stormtide. Check them out as their album was released via Metal Hell Records.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

Take a Listen Here

stormtide_wrath_of_an_empire_cover_300  StormtideWrath of An Empire– “As Two Worlds Collide”


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