Centrilia (EP)- Memento Mori

 Straight from Glasgow, Scotland the metal world is reaching out with Centrilia. This band just released their second EP in January 2016 delivering a five-song set as powerful as metal can get. Their album ‘Memento Mori’ was released on Spotify, iTunes, and the physical copy is available on Centrilia.bandcamp.com. This band was formed in 2013, and released their debut EP titled ‘You Are In Error’ followed by tours with Soulfly, Karnivool, Monuments and Malefice. All which have given a great respond by the fans. Their first appearance was in King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, a successful one indeed. This band plays with heavy riffs and a melodic sound pushed forward with the amazing gory vocals. Their choppy heavy riffs are very well matched up with their groovy drums and barking style singing. Their new EP is full of power with a mix of nu-metal sound and radical lyrics. This band will capture your interest as you listen to the lyrics, paired with a nice metal groove as the drums hammer away. Check out Centrilia’s new EP and download their tunes.

Reported By: Jose Barrientos

Watch the official Video To Tsunami.

Centrilia- ‘Tsunami’

• centrilia@gmx.com

• centrilia.com

• facebook.com/centrilia

• centrilia.bandcamp.com

• soundcloud.com/centrilia

• twitter.com/centrilia


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