The Metal Tour of the Year- Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium and Inflames at Colorado Springs, Co.

Photo By Jose Barrientos

The Metal tour of the year was a long anticipated one given the pandemic shutdowns, with acts such as Inflames, Trivium , Lamb of God and the mighty Megadeth on the roster it needed to happen. Once the mask regulations were lighter and concerts were able to resume Megadeth decided to continue with their North American tour bringing nothing but neck breaking tunes.

Photo By: Jose Barrientos

The city was Colorado Springs, Colorado a couple of hours outside of Denver and the fans were ready to rage during the Inflames, Trivium, Lamb of God and Megadeth’s performance. Inflames did a phenomenal job warming up the stage and fans for the night. Trivium came right after Inflames and they destroyed the stage. From the amazing guitar work by Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu to the heavy bass notes by Paolo Gregoletto their music hyped fan in the stands as well as in the pit. Their set was fast and heavy delivering some of their newest work and classics among it. The hammering was provided by Alex Bent and the fans loved every single second of it. Then night was young and so were some fans in the audience, it is refreshing to see such devotion by younger generations supporting the scene.

Lamb of God did not disappoint, the crowd was ready for the heavy tunes and vocals conveyed by the one and only Randy Blythe and company. The newest addition to the line up is Art Cruz and his sensational relentless energy is purveyed across the stadium while Willie Adler and Mark Morton attack your ears with heavy riffs and fantastic leads. John Campbell entices fans with deep bass lines and a great presence on stage. Crossing the stage from side to side and levitating to the fiery explosions, Randy Blythe executed each track with brutality and set the stage on fire with his powerful vocals on “Walk With Me in Hell”. There truly is no other act like these and the dedication and energy surrendered on stage is contagious.

Photo By: Jose Barrietnos

The main act, legendary thrash masters Megadeth went on stage and the crowd exploded with excitement. Behind his throne, Dirk Verbeuren hammered away to songs like “Symphony of Destruction” being complimented by heavy bass notes by James LoMenzo. The crowd sang along to tracks like “Peace Sells” and “Sweating Bullets”, meanwhile Dave Mustaine and Kiko Loureiro shredded on guitars. The band played a tight set, with some of their classics and a rare live track “The Conjuring” which Dave Mustaine had some reasons to not play live in previous tours. Non-the-less, Megadeth showcased their best metal performance since the pandemic and the fans were ecstatic to hear each solo and the collective majestic performance by this band. Megadeth has shown over and over again why they are the masters of thrash metal and this was no let down by the band. The energy on stage was exploding and fans raged in the crowd. The shrieking guitar solos from “Hangar 18” and “Holy Wars” made metal heads enter a frenzy and raged in the pit. Metal is back and now with the pandemic subsiding little by little fans are ready to showcase the love for this music. All acts delivered a sensational performance, so be sure to check out this tour at your nearest town.

Photo Credit- Jose Barrientos

By Jose Barrientos

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