Solemnity Divine, Created by Montfaucon


Darkness will surround your realm, as the solemn key notes are played and the melodic doom metal tracks pervade your dark mind. There is a maleficent sound that will have you lighting candles, as you summon the dark soul within you, they are named Montfaucon, they are dark, heavy and complex. Their most recent released titled Renaissance is out in stores now, it is the implication of evil, and emotional turmoil feeding you aggression at each guitar stroke, and melodic keyboard melodies. The complexity of this band’s sound starts  with the roots of black metal, mixing elements of death and some progressive doom and symphonic metal. That darkness in the room will be paired with the eerie sounds on the track titled “Prisoner”, as the symphony plays a somber inquisition, transgressing impurities as the guitars and raw gory vocals are exploited.

The macabre requiems are the soundtrack to a night out in Transylvania lingering down the halls of Dracula’s castle, where you will find death. The aggressiveness of the music by this two man show, is an awakening, hence the title Renaissance, a magnificent execution by this duo. The track titled “I Was a Warrior” has a brutal guitar solo, and the song has great piano fillers, with a grim technicality. The album was mixed and mastered by death metal veteran Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath, Katatonia) This six track album will bring light to the dark corners of your soul, with magnificent tunes, orchestrations and the ingenuity of Michel Cadenzar and Valentin Mayamsin.If you want to hear the malignant aggressive sounds by this duo make sure to get your copy on their bandcamp, it will blow your mind.

Reviewed by: Hostile Jo

Here is what the band had to say:

“I’m the kind of person who loves math puzzles and mind-bending challenges,”says MONTFAUCON multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Valentin Mayamsin, an Uzbekistan-born musician currently residing in the San Francisco Bay area. “That’s why I started listening to increasingly complex music and that’s how MONTFAUCON evolved, both technically and compositionally.”

We want you to join us in the abyss, surrounded by the darkest aura, check this track out

Montfaucon- Renaissance- ” Prisoner”

Montfaucon is:

Michel Cadenzar – piano, keyboards, sampling
Valentin Mayamsin – guitars, bass, vocals, sampling

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