Badr Vogu- Kicking Ass

BVBIn July, the band Badr Vogu released their third album called “Wroth”. This is the first time I have listened to this and band, and with this album they already left a good impression for me. This band would be commonly considered doom metal, but to me they sound more like a mixture of black and doom metal.  With the dark vocals and heavy riffs mixed in with the fast beating drums, I cant help but classify as black doom metal band.

The album cover even had a black metal theme with satanic symbols surrounded by an apocalyptic theme.
The album cover in general is breathtaking. The colors are absolutely perfect together.  The detail of the bullhead attached to the snake like body almost looks real. Also, the body has about 10 arms at least, with a weapon in its hands. The creepiest but most astonishing detail would definitely be the three severed heads the beast is holding. The red aura around the beast even made it stick out a lot more, making the background difficult to see. Who ever created the album cover in my opinion should put it up in an art gallery.
The artwork completely described their music as well.

The album was filled with heavy and slow guitar riffs that really matched with the scary black metal vocals. The songs “Narcotically Opaque” and “Traitor” have the most talented guitar riffs and solos. I even caught myself slightly banging my head while listening to the songs on the bus. The Song “Copernican Theory” had a part where the 2 guitars are playing the same riff while harmonizing each other, and it just remarkable. That riff even got stuck in my head for a couple days! I could even see myself in a moshpit just banging my head listening to this song. Not only are the guitars amazing, but the drummer is probably one of the most talented drummers I have heard since Nikko Mcbrain and Nick Menza. The drummer is never once off beet and has a great ear and perfect timing. The drummer’s talents are exposed in the song “Anathema of Time”, especially when you hear his blast beets.
Overall, the best song on this album was definitely “Deadweight”. The intro  was a trip, I felt a trance entering my body as the song played. The song was very well put together and I’d love to see this song live. This band definitely has some talent!

Reviewed By- Megandeth


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