Vile Retribution- Danish Black Metal


Are you ready for some melodic raw black metal? Here, we unveil Vile Retribution, a black metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their recently released album titled Global Chaos is pure raw black meta. From the  first track to the last, you will hear fast melodic metal riffs which will wreck your spine. The transition between single tremolo notes and chords is brutal in track “Joyless Gloom”, a dark ominous force that will suck you in until the end of its time. The album continues with its brutal attack on drums and bass on the track titled “Nocturnal Oblivion”, a furious cannon explosion. There are a few seconds where the tempo slows down, but the riff is still malignant and continues to ravage away on guitars and drums together with rage. Black metal does not usually have killer solos, however, “The Flickering Light” majestically initiates with a fast and skillful one. The track has ups and downs, with evil twists through out it’s existence providing that melodic black metal the Danish are great at in composing. 

The classic roots of metal definitely are highlights on track titled “Universal Pandemonium”, with a slow down after the first minute returning with force soon after. This song is complex, and will bend your mind as you try to digest this brutal sound as it displays a virulent guitar solo. This album has nine heavy, old school black metal tracks, with a hint of technical death metal embedded within each track. Chaos is surely unleashed through out the album, as the closing song, titled, “ War Poetry” starts, you can’t help but headbang, and sing along to those demonic vocals. While the drums are potent, the guitars and bass will finish shredding your soul, giving your dark desires the magic of evil, and impurities black metal summons. You can definitely get a copy of this complex black metal album on their bandcamp simply follow the links below.

                                                                   About Vile Retribution
Vile Retribution was formed in 2013, featuring Jonas Dehn on drums, Rasmus Laurberg Hansen onguitar and was originally a death metal studio project. In 2014 they released the EP Born InCaptivity, with Johnny Nilsson joining on vocals. For their debut album the band has expanded withMichael Østergaard on bass and the music now features many elements of black metal

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