Check out our one on one/ e-mail/ and phone call interviews with great artists. Raw to the core, with some racey questions and some pro- keeping it all about the music!!

  1. saxonbandSaxon at House of Blues, Mandalay Bay. Las Vegas Nevada 8/21/2015
  2. Angel Vivaldi at Mystery Box. Los Angeles, Ca.
  3. _MG_8243 Soilwork David Andersson. The Fonda Theater, Hollywood, Ca.
  4. Max Portnoy– Next to None.
  5. reaktionplay  The ReAktion -Knotfest 2015- San Berardino Ca.
  6. dsc_4556 Incite Omen Room Productions- Garden Grove, Ca.
  7. DSC_0457 Steve “Zetro” Souza  The Wiltern, Los Angeles Ca.
  8. AHTY- Connor Garritty- Los Angeles, Ca.
  9. Mac Sabbath,-Mike Odd
  10. The Obsessed- Dave Sherman
  11. DSC_0182  Gruesome- Matt Harvey
  12. dolan1JPG Venom Inc- Demolition Man
  13. Ghoul Ghoul- Digestor- Observatory, Santa Ana, Ca.
  14. 937538 Stortregn- Clash The Impaler
  15. SCOUR (1)  Scour- John Jarvis- Clash The Impaler
  16. pain2016e Peter Tagtgren- Pain
  17. Craig Peters- Destroying The Devoid
  18. Mantar Honno- Mantar
  19. DSC_0960 Kyle- Lead Singer- Battlecross- Petaluma, California
  20. Malika- Gore Bringer- Abnormality- Petaluma, California
  21. Enslaved-e Ivar Bjornson- Enslaved
  22. superjoint Joey “Blue” Gonzalez- Superjoint
  23. The Reaktion
  24. cellar2 Cellar Darling- Anna Murphy
  25. NYN
  26. avatarium2 Avatarium- Marcus
  27. MARZI_LEAD Marzi Montazeri
  28. DSC_0475 Rings of Saturn- Miles Dimitri Baker
  29. DSC_0808 Belphegor- Helmuth-Totenritual
  30. tmb_woa15_day3_cradle_of_filth_band_DSC4272-4bd08c2ce8 Cradle of Filth- Dani Filth- Crytoriana- The Seductiveness of Decay
  31. Warbeast- Bruce Corbitt
  32. acceptband  Accept- Wolf Hoffman
  33. DSC_0542 Marty Friedman
  34. panzeralbumart Schmier- Panzer
  35. DSC_0468 Venom Inc
  36. Jake Oni- ONI Ozzfest Meets Knotfest
  37. DED- Ozzfest Meets Knotfest
  38. Ted Aguilar- Death Angel- Ozzfest Meets Knotfest
  39. DSC_0932 John Kevil- Warbringer- Ozzfest Meets Knotfest
  40. beastcoverRoman Ismailov-Beast in Black
  41. Nyctophile-Julian Batista






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