Warbringer’s John Kevil Talks Vocal School, Lyrics and Cats.

DSC_0932If you missed the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest last weekend you are just not living life the right way. Bands like Havok, 1349 and many more brutalized four stages. One of the newest lords of thrash metal, Warbringer, destroyed the Nuclear Blast Extreme Stage with their bomb dropping songs. The kick off song was “Silhouettes”, a song related to bombs, and the destruction created by such devastating weapons. John Kevil, lead singer and writer of Warbringer gave us an insight of what the music he composes, along with the rest of the thrashers of Warbringer, is all about. Check this interview below and make sure to check out their tour dates for their upcoming end of year tour with Exmortus and Darkest Hour.




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2 thoughts on “Warbringer’s John Kevil Talks Vocal School, Lyrics and Cats.

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