Ghoul- Rancid Interview With Digestor

DSC_0072Ghoul is touring with Carcass, Crowbar and NightDemon, and with each show a chance to feast on humans is always rewarding. The cannibals from Creepsylvania, Romania are sweeping venues in the US with their horror, grotesque thrash metal. Their sound pumps the crowd, and the theatrics provides visuals to those who love Ghoul. Blood splattering from human bodies, and babies being eaten are some of the gruesome acts this band performs. The hooded cannibalistic thrash metal conjurers ravaged the stage at the Observatory of Anaheim. Digestor, shreds human bodies with his guitar, creating brutal sounds in songs like “Bringer of War” and “Ghoulunatics”, a track that seems to hype the mosh pit. Cremator and Disector both ravage the stage with their ghoulish presence, as creepy characters join the show to decapitate a baby and bathe the crow with its blood.

They are touring in support of their upcoming release of -“Dungeon Bastards” which will be released on Friday July 29th, via Tankcrime Records. Make sure to get your copy during each show as they have their lime green vinyl with a fun killer board game. Our reported Hostile Jo had the chance to be a meal for Digestor and well he will be missed, check out the raw uncensored interview with Hostile Jo and Digestor.

Get your Vinyl of “Dungeon Bastards” Here

Here is the Long Awaited Interview with Digestor and our long lost Hostile Jo.

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