Incite- A Voice of Aggression & Apathy

  IncitewPIncite has to be one of the most recent Death Metal bands that can pick up their guitar and shred, have those drums blasting, while the bass adds power compelling Richie Cavalera to roar like a demon. This band’s most recent album “The Slaughter” is breaking records as well as necks. This young band does not have plans of stopping, as they are currently working on their fourth studio album and we caught them taking a 20-minute break right after Halloween. Talk about determination and drive; they are also starting their tour with Soulfly, Crowbar and Shattered Sun at the second leg of ‘We Sold Our Souls to Metal’ tour the first week of November, right after they finish mixing their new album, whose title is yet to be determined. We sat down with Richie Cavalera (vocals) as well as Christopher “El” (bassist) at Omen Room Productions – with Steve Evetts, this is what they wanted to contribute-

Joe Doe- “You guys are starting tour with Soulfly as of November 6th, with amazing bands like Crowbar and of course your dad’s band Soulfly. What is that like?”

Richie Cavalera– “YES!! Yea its cool for us man, because we haven’t toured with Soulfly for quiet a while; we did some tours to get our groove and get a hang of the tour life. We took a couple years doing our own tours, they came back to us they had Crowbar, Shattered Sun to end the year we couldn’t say no to it specially to have that album and go right in to that.”

incite2Joe Doe- “ So you guys are ready to tour right after finishing this album”?

“EL”– “Sort of (laughs), its kind of like cramming for a test, for the past three months we have been in album mode, and we are going to have like three days and we are going to drill our set, we will be ready for sure. We have to switch mindsets now to playing live, because we have been so focused on working on the album. This has been the most intense cycle we have done, it’s been insane the concentration and focus, so it will be good to go out on tour let loose and play live.”

Joe Doe- “Is there a title for this album?”

Richie Cavalera- “No, its still tentative. We have always done it while we were recording, we always have this cramming of do the record, do the album art, do the photos do the title, do all the press and it took away from being able to focus on working on the album. So now once we head home in two days and focus on the tour it will give us time to seat down and look at the ideas, since December always does shot down we will have something then.”

Joe Doe- “Is there a concept on this album?”

Richie Cavalera- “It has never been a concept, each album has this mass appeal, this aggression, anger, rage, I think I have portray and have this feelings of people my age, I am 30 now and our generation always had this harder times worldwide. For us, I was able to put all that emotion of the last ten years into this album. This record expands and I’m a little older with the same power. But there are always political issues, because our government is always trying to fuck us up. So there is definitely some conspiracy and aggressive songs. “

Joe Doe-“How many songs did you write in this album?”

“El”– “We ended up writing 18 the final was 14 we ditched 12, so I think it will be 10 on the album and some eps.”

Joe Doe- “Every is on board with the line up now, everyone is on board right?

Richie Cavalera– “We have “Dis”, he did about half the writing but everyone is in. We are letting the guys that are here now take over because it’s our band now it’s their band so I think its great that we let them contribute that is what makes a band. It’s a growing process to let the Incite sound keep going.

“El”-This album and the previous ones “Dis” has always been the main writer, but ever since Richie got me and Lennon on the band we have been collaborating you will see how we all just rub on each other on this album. Died hard fans will hear parts of the old records with new stuff they will definitely be able to tell the growth.

Richie Cavalera– “Since we have “Dru” now there are a lot of thing we can do like add guitar solos, it has always lacked something but now we are able to do more. The older you get in music the better you get. It’s hard to get out on the music business knowing it all. “

Joe Doe- “How is the experience working with Steve Evetts?

“El”- “Steve is very focused on everyone’s individual strength and pushed you be the best that you are. He made it better, he dug in there and made you do stuff that you didn’t think you could do but ended up doing it. He got the best of everyone’s performance.”

Richie Cavalera– “With Steve, we did preproduction- with the previous albums there was none of that. He came to Arizona for a week, dissected each song and making them stronger restructuring the songs in parts that made no sense that we got excited for. That in the music aspect they don’t work. We were able to do the recording like the big bands, all-playing together; you got a live vibe to your record. The sound of this record is going to be the best you’ve ever had. It sounds to me like it was recorded in analog instead of sounding like it’s the copy and paste digital stuff.”

Joe Doe- “In terms of touring, after you finish with We Sold Our Souls to Metal, are you guys planning on coming to Los Angeles?”

“El”– “Its not up to us, we just kind of wait hoping the booking agents hook us up with some great shit, but I’m sure it will get done”

Richie Cavalera– “Yea we don’t have the U.S. Tour dates yet but I know we will be doing the major markets from March- April, so Imagine LA is there. We are doing a Europe tour from January- March; it’s going to be a massive tour for the band and the next record out around March 2016.”

Joe Doe- “Going back to the roots of Death metal, black metal, and all that crazy music we listen to. What were some of the bands that influenced you to get into the metal scene, besides your dad (Max Cavalera)?”

Richie Cavalera– “I would say Obituary; it was just that incredible vocalist, and a sound you wouldn’t listen to in a metal album. The hair, the music it was a complete package of what I thought music should be. As well as so many bands in that era, being born in ’85 was a great thing because the following year bands started coming up. It’s one of the real music out there that expresses real feelings, something that everyone has, not living a life that is false.”

“El”– “For me two off the top of my head has to be Neurosis, and Black Sabbath since I started listening to music. The first time I heard “Melissa” by Mercyful Fate, to me that was a changing point in my life because it began my love affair with European Metal.”

Joe Doe- “You guys are headed back to Arizona, are you thinking of catching any shows, like Exodus and King Diamond?”

Richie Cavalera- “We have been working 12-13 hours a day we don’t have much time to get out and check out bands. But going on tour with Crowbar, which has been one of my all time favorites and finishing the tour with them, its crazy.”

Joe Doe “There you have it guys, stay tune for their new album coming out March 2016, and don’t miss their show with Soulfly and Crowbar.”

Richie Cavalera- “Yea! See you in the pits”


Fury and aggression fuels the members of Incite, who are determined to write music that feeds the masses. With their hard work and drive to succeed, Incite will be touring, and giving their fans more records that will blow their minds away. Make sure to add this band to your library if you haven’t yet. Albums like ‘The Slaughter’ and ‘Up In Hell’ are the stepping-stones for Incite wait until you get your hands on their new album with a blend of all the elements plus some new ones. Incite is raw, aggressive, prolific and talented don’t miss this heavy act.

Incite is:

Richie Cavalera– Vocals

Christopher “El”– Bass

Lennon Lopez– Drums

“Dru Tang” Rome– Lead Guitar

Kevin “Dis”– Guitar

Producer – Steve Evetts-

Omen Room Productions

Garden Grove, CA.

INCITE w/ “We Sold Our Souls to Metal” 2015 Tour Second Leg:

11/06 Las Vegas, NV – Vinyl @ Hard Rock

11/07 Tucson, AZ – The Rock

11/09 Denver, CO – Marquis Theater

11/10 Omaha, NE – Sokol Underground

11/11 Kansas City, MO – Riot Room

11/12 St Louis, MO – FuBar – no Crowbar

11/13 Cincinnati, OH – Mad Frog – no Crowbar

11/15 Oklahoma City, OK – Farmer’s Market

11/17 Ringle, WI – Q & Z Expo Center

11/18 Indianapolis, IN – 5th Quarter

11/19 Memphis, TN – New Daisy Theater

11/20 Shreveport, LA – Riverside Ballroom

11/21 Odessa, TX – Club La Playa (Soulfly & Incite only)

11/22 Mesa, AZ – AZ BBQ & Beer Fest (Soulfly, Coal Chamber, Flotsam & Jetsam, Sacred

Reich, Incite & more)

“WTF” Music Video

“Fallen” Music Video

“The Aftermath” Lyric Video

“Up In Hell” Lyric Video

“Hopeless” Video

“The Slaughter” Music Video

For more information INCITE, please visit these websites:


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Web Page

Reported by- Jose Barrientos


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