Peter Tagtgren- Opens Up About Pain’s Upcoming Album and His Evolution as A Music Composer


Photo Credit: Stefan Heilemann

Tomorrow September 9th, 2016 Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy, will release a brand new style of music, a plot twist with his band, Pain, out via Nuclear Blast. The Swedish black metal malefactor has conjured a full length studio album, with collaboration of Joakim Broden of Sabaton. The titled album Coming Home, is the followup to 2011’s You Only Live Twice. Right before his record is released, we had the chance to talk with Peter, about the inspiration of this new record, the motivation to write in a totally different style and what will become of the band Pain. Check it below,

Hostile Jo– “ What is the process of the new album?”

Peter Tagtgren– “I seat down and think about what I want to write and i take care of it all, It usually is something I have in mind and ideas just flow out.”

HJ– “What can you tell us about the art work?”

PT– “The album artwork was handled by Stefan Heilemann, who has done work for Epica, Lidemann, and Indica.” I pretty much just had the idea because i had bought a space suit and wanted to do some crazy shit with it.”

HJ– “ The track “The Final Crusade” sort of reflects the artwork, the astronaut is sitting there, and looks like it has done its final crusade, would you say this is it for Peter Tagtgren?”

PT– “No its a name, its just an idea I had, as I mentioned before”

HJ– “What drove you to write a more industrial sound with Pain, as oppose to what you have done with Hypocrisy?”

PT– “It is a different way of writing music, I truly have no boundaries when it comes to writing music, to me it is different from Hypocrisy, but I have the space to write things down.”


Photo Credit: Stefan Heilemann

HJ– “Does it worry you that the fans will think this is not what you are known for? or Not like the music?”

PT– “ It worries me, because I took the time, but i push my self as a musician, what fires me up is to do things you think you cant do, and learn from them as you do them. I am however, never afraid of taking on the challenge and develop my self as a song writer. The fans do bring all the support and have been doing it.”

HJ– “Speaking of styles and sounds, what is one of your favorite acts whether its on the rise of old school?

PT– “I have not had the chance to get into the new metal bands, my son likes the new stuff and I am always talking to him to see what he likes and that is how I listen to the newer bands.”

HJ– “I remember seeing you back in 2003 at the now closed House of Blues in Hollywood and still remembering that being the first time I saw and heard of Hypocrisy still blows my face off till the day. Are you currently thinking of doing any work for Hypocrisy in the near future?”

PT– “It is still uncertain, This new material left me fried for this album, we have to focus on a long European tour, Scandinavia and Russia, then in America we are doing the 70,000 tons of metal cruise. We will also head to the mid-west and west America.”

HJ– “That is right you are doing all those tours in support of Coming Home, around when will you tour California?”

PT-“We are aiming for February 2017.”

HJ– “Back to the sound, do you think its important to have this division of metal genres among the metal community? It has been a constant battle among metal heads.”

PT– “It has always been division, in the ’70’s and ’80’s division was ok, it has always been like that, you had to be either a pop person of metal dude. it has always been there, for me was a risk to mix sounds together, mix the music genres not all artists want to do that. It’s not that I am trying to mix many different colors of music, I just wanted to do something different and bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppling and Rush have being doing it also.”

HJ– “You had a collaboration of Joakim Broden, how did you go about asking him to join you in this effort?”

PT– “Joakim and I are very good friends, he lives around the same neighborhood that I do. We had worked together with him before, along with my brother. They have been around since 1999 and always run into each other. Its not like in America, this place is a very small town we all know one another.”

HJ– “That is surreal, if only in California I could be neighbor with a rockstar and collaborate, but this town is huge. This has been an eye opening experience and chat in terms of the sound you are projecting with Pain in the record Coming Home. Thank you for your time and insight!”

PT– “Thank you and we will see you in February in California!”

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Pain– “Final Crusade”- Coming Home



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