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Exclusive, Simon Rojas from the reaction talks about their new album, Similitude coming up. This is what Simon had to say about their work leading up to this record from USA touring to the recording of this grand release.


Hi Simon, Its great to talk to you and catch up. Hope all is well over at Chile.

You just did a tour in The states, started at the Knotfest in 2015 and the response by the fans was immense.

Hostile JO-  “Did you expect the crowd to give such a positive feedback during that Festival in general?”

Simon Rojas- “It was very surprising to see so much people getting involved and connecting with The Reaktion.”

Then in the merch booth a lot of people were there waiting to get their albums and posters signed by us.

Hostile JO- “During your US tour, did you cover the entire country or did you miss some cities where you want to tourfor this upcoming album?”

SR- “We were in almost every state in the US, but since is a huge country we would need a one-year-tour to cover the wholeterritory. I would love to go to play in San Francisco and Seattle for this upcoming tour since I’ve never been there andmuch of our influences were born there. In all the states could express ourselves and make music, but some of those were particulary more open minded, so got to enjoy the experience much more.

HJ – ” You were busy touring, when did you have time to write this upcoming album, Similitude?”

SR- “Life and the unavoidable present -we say we live in- has an endless pattern that is reflected in and out ourselves.”

The studies of the mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot propose how this pattern is deployed in fractals and it becomesrepetitive at a certain degree, altough it never stops expanding and this is the way how nature -including ourselfes- function. The same as the album itself. I got to understand this in the desert, because most of the songs were written there, so you can get a taste of it.

HJ-  The first album Selknam had a message about positive vibes, love and uprising. Does this new record have any messages, or concept?”

SR- “Yes, our message and meaning is inspired in this pattern; as the songs are deeply based in this geometrical concept.”Since we have the decision or we seem to have the choice of expressing ourselves through love in high vibe paths.We encourage every sentient part of this geometrical reality condensed in a human, to become aware. Aware of the true nature of beings, that is Love.”

HJ -” What was the recording process for this record?”

SR- “These album was made by ourselves, so it was born in friendship. We visited different studios, friend’s houses, rehearsal rooms and we got a lot of support from our muscician friends. I don’t remember where exactly, but I could say this album was written in different parts of this world. Also in very opposite situations that I was inspired to write these kind of lyrics.”

HJ- ” Who is going to be in your line up when you decide to do the extensive tour in support of Similitude? (band members)”

SR- “The reaction -of being here as a human- has kept me doing this organized sounds, expressions and art. It has also taken twobrothers Tito “Virgo” Domic (Drums) and Esteban Domic (Bass) to be part of it. These particular set of people I like to call my sweetest friends.

HJ- ” This year the Ozzfest Meets Knottiest will take place once more, are you planning on partaking in this intense festival?”

SR- “We would love to be there this year for sure, because last experience was great. It is always a blessing to share stage with our influences. So we are very excited to be considered to take part in those festivals.”

HJ- “What was the hardest song to record? If any.”

SR- “The songs were recorded by themselves we don’t intervene with them. Now… we as being part of the songs, some of them require more technical abilities, in the different instruments we play. In drums would be “Obnoxious”I guess, bass “Etnia” and vocals “Sweetest friends”, because I really wanted it to sound flawless on the final mix, so I went through it a lot of different days in the studio and every time I listened different things. So now I guess we all like it.”

HJ- “How many tracks did you have written for this album?”

SR- “We’ve been writing a bunch of songs always, but soon we will choose which one of them are going to be in the album. To say a number we would like “Similitude” to be an album of 10 to 12 songs.”

HJ- ” Is the sound going to remain the same, heavy and loud? Or is this record smoother?”

SR- “It is a new experience. A roller coaster were heavy emotions have become the opposite and smoother ones have become heavier,we invite everyone to take a walk in this particular park, Similitude.”

HJ- “What is your favorite track from the new album?”

SR- “It depends on many things. Like for example when we wake up, in which mood we are, on the weather and with what kind of people we are around. So like we said earlier the album has a lot of colors, sounds or whatever you wanna call it. I guess that’s the way we enjoy art. Personally as Simon, I like a lot of the more psychedelic songs, such as “The Universe”, “Obnoxious” and “High and Mellow”, because these songs have some really honest sentences and sometimes very nonsense too. It just depends on your own interpretation.”

HJ- ” As a latino American band, what message can you give to those bands from the surrounding area trying to make it big?”

HJ- “You can make music with a guitar, with your drums and voice, even in a conversation.We believe music is indeed a conversation, that’s why for us we feel that art is the universal language. And I truly think that spoken languages where invented to create barriers between us in this world. Music is the sound of sex or the sound of your moving organs trying to make you a living person. Our suggestion to our peers is; to become part of this song that no nation or entity is deciding. To assemble his talents as a natural way of being, so that music will ring in and out of them finding the way to fulfill their lives.”


There you have it Simon Rojas, vocalist from The Reaktion giving us the insight scoop of their new album Similitude. Check out their new video below and make sure to order their upcoming record.

Written By: Hostile Jo




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