Venom Inc To Reign This Hell

DSC_0933It is believed that the genre Black Metal was changed and inspired by a band, one that pushed metal to the limits with their satanic lyrics and furious sound metal sound. Venom, has forever been the face and creators of great metal and after a long career with Venom, Jeff “Mantas” Dunn on guitars and Anthony “Abbadon Bray on drums have decided to part ways with Cronos, and continued the legend as Venom Inc. There is however, a beautiful black force that surrounds this duo and as fans continue to chant Venom during the show fans recognize Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan as the final piece of this band. The entire ensemble is recognized as the true creators of Venom inc’s heavy sound. The band has been on tour since May 31st with two sold out shows in Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York and a follow up of great fan turn outs. Venom inc recently showcased their brutal metal at The Vinyl at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nv where hell reigned, and the fans were more than grateful to be able to see this killer band.


The night was hot, just like the pits of hell, and fans were rabid waiting for satanic chants. Abbadon goes on stage and you can feel the demonic presence, as he hammers on those cannons during the set with non-stop blasting. As the demons rise from the underworld and the venue grows hotter you can hear the unique raspy loud voice of Demolition man on the mic as he beats the bass with such power and talent. The Demolition man on stage ravages fans with his passion for this band’s lyrics projecting a magnificent experience. This vocalist sings his guts out for songs like “Angel Dust” and fans old favorite “Black Metal”. A song that is known to have change the course of metal and it is believed to have created a different genre of metal, one that is darker, evil and filled with satanic lyrics. Despite the bullshit legal battle over the band’s name, Venom inc is recognized by fans as the true Venom, where after songs the crowd chants “Venom! Venom! Venom!” and rejoice during guitar riffs by Mantas on tracks like- “Sons of Satan” and playing those fast solos on “Poison”.

The scene in Las Vegas is perhaps a small one. However, The Vinyl felt the presence of those crazy metal heads that were willing to withstand the punishment of such sublime sound known as Abbadon’s notorious cymbals and intrepid drum combinations. We had the chance to exchange some words with the one and only Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan and he gave us an insight as to who Venom inc is, what they have coming up ahead for us and much more check below and enjoy the chat, 

Hostile Jo: “How is the tour going?”

Demolition Man: “Going great. We have another week or so, then that’ll be 60 dates in america t     his year alone.”

HJ: “How are the fans responding to the whole Venom Inc, are they happy to see the band still going strong?”

DM: “The response has been fantastic from the east coast to the west coast, Canada to the       south. They chant Venom every night before we hit the stage. It’s quite humbling.”

HJ: “In terms of material, since you do own the rights to most of the old Venom, what three    songs do you look forward to playing live?”

DM: “Poison, angel dust, live like an angel. Because they sound like the first time you heard them.”

HJ: “How is the metal scene different from back in the 80s to current times?”

DM: “The evolution of social media means people are much more aware of who you are, your history, and unfortunately , your live set. By which I mean, we played the first of 60 dates, and people post the complete set list immediatly on social media. So the people on the final date already know what we are going to play. Apart from that, the reaction to music is much alive now, as it was then. It just presents itself in a diff way.”

HJ: “In your 20 plus years with venom how has your fan base evolved?”

DM: “The old school heads have aged with us and stayed loyal. But there is now a second generation discovering Venom, which is amazing to be on the other end of.”

HJ: “What is the inspiration for the new material you are working on?”

DM: “Venom.”

HJ: “When are you aiming to drop the new album?”

DM: “Hopefully before the end of the year.”

HJ: “Would it be old school venom or would it be a modern sound?”

DM: “Old school, more like what we are live, combined with Black Metal and Prime Evil.”

HJ: “Why did you keep the name when fans already know the legends?”

DM: “It wasn’t our choice, we had a name, but people refused to use it without using the name Venom before it. I guess because people want legends.”

DSC_0481As humble as he sounds this true rock legend raises the horns along with Abbadon and Mantas during their set, they play their souls out, if there are any left and interact with their fans. The Vinyl stands yet another day as Venom Inc. purveyed their satanic mantra during this black mass gathering in Las Vegas, NV where hell had been unleashed and the air around fans smelled of sulfur with rotting flesh of lingering demons. The band is looking forward to get back into the studio once they arrive back from the tour, and as they ensure to manifest a black metal, dark lord requiem. Their legendary sound belongs to the creators of “Black Metal” and “Buried Alive” and once more the dark world will be witness of a new album out soon. Make sure to check out our gallery of photos and witness these hell raisers fuck shit up as they play “Black Metal”. Hail Venom Inc and worship the music

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Reported By: Hostile Jo

Venom Inc- “Black Metal”

All Photos Taken By Jose Barrientos (Property of ©


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