Marzi Montazeri- A Brutal Message Breaking the Aggressiveness In The Metal Stigma

marzicoverMarzi Montazeri released an album which spreads a message of self awareness, spreading the message to future generations and making it clear that metal is not just anger and aggression. This titled album is The Uprising, and it is a record that has heavy riffs, clean vocals and amazing production by Marzi. The vocals are delivered by no other than Tim “The Ripper” Owens, ,a legendary singer whose range is unique. Marzi is more than a guitar player and he demonstrates his abilities beyond the axe with this album.

We started off the interview with simple conversation about dropping his personal phone in water the night before. Rock stars are normal like all of us, they drop their phones in water too. Marzi Montazeri from Heavy as Texas released a heavy metal album titled The Uprising, featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens.

We were talking about our favorite songs from his new album and his personal favorite song varies, check out what he said

Marzi Montazeri- “I love them all I love the album. I like “A Monster Within”, it comes in heavy the tempo just rocks. Growing up my favorite albums had great songs so it would change. A lot of folks like The Uprising right off the bat. I like the way the whole record, I like the way the whole thing came out. I am very proud of it. I like Without warning because of the different tempo changes and the breakdowns, I like the ambiance in it. I am not committing to a formula.”

Hostile Jo- “The Ambiance and the powerful riffs give this album a heavy depth, the entire album is a very well composed record. When you met Tim Ripper Owens during the Hell Bent Forever tribute album, did you ever think this guys is cool, i might do a project with him later?”

MM- “I alway knew, because Tim has such awesome personality, we met at the studio, Bobby Rocks asked me to do a guitar solo. I went in all the tracks were done, and guess what was done, Tim Ripper was done recording vocals. I wish I had seen him working because I have never seen him recording.

Even on this record he did this all on his own, on that record too I walked in and he was done. I was warming up and he say “Hm you know I come to Houston once in a while want me to give you guitar lessons I would be down with that. We hit it off he was really funny and all of that. As time goes by we stayed in touch, there was two or three vocalist that i had in mind doing work with. I currently have my vocalist for Heavy as Texas, and for this album I needed to get Tim. He is so easy to work with, and he just nailed it, to say the very least. He asked if I had lyrics and songs titles, I did have the music and some titles but not the subject matter. But if we dissect the songs, it is a truly revolting material, but not in a negative way not in a violent sense rather in a self awareness. I am not trying to live with the stigma about heavy metal being dark, that does not apply to me. I love the heaviness on metal music, but I love music as a whole. To get that tag as metal guitar player, its whatever I stepped out of the album  I am more than that. I wanted to produce it. I found a formula that works well for me and I am going to continue with that.

The end result is the sound that you hear, having worked with Tim was easy, I had meticulously had gone over these songs, i asked him to do his particular thing, he is known for his range, however i wanted to be a little bit different, did not want him to get confused with other projects he has. He is a perfectionist and he would send like 16 takes. We did use the monstrous pitch he hits on “A Monster Within”.”

HJ- “What Message are you trying to portray with this album?”

MM- “Simple human emotions, not violence just simple human soul and emotion, I’m not giving you music theory. I followed the beat of my heart, I heard it in my head and I tried to executed the best possible way that I can.”

HJ- “You have your new Crunchy Wester Records, how is that coming along?”

MM- “This is just the beginning, I am currently working on the Heaviest Texas record, and I got no where else to do, and I’m really happy with he way this new record came out. But working on this new album is exciting. I had a string orchestra come in and record, watching this people play metal on acoustics it’s amazing. To watch them playing heavy metal, I call it the metal cashmere.”

HJ- “What is your process of writing and recording?”

MM- “I dont try to mess with riffs that come to my head or my heart that much. If you try to interfere with it and play with it too much you are not doing the song or the idea justice. I step away from myself and let it be. Im writing blue collar metal, something everyone can stick their teeth to.”

HJ- “What impact do you want to have on fans or metal/rock fans with this symbolic album?”

MM- “The goal is to make it on every body’s metal and rock playlist, to have it as a standard so that when we come out and play them live they can sing them. There is nothing wrong with people singing them.”

HJ- “How much rehearsal do you have when you play live?”

MM- “We truly only rehearse before one show, the one show we had here in Houston, we had Tim come up to me and he says “Man I lost my voice, you won’t believe me this never happens to me.” Friday he went home and he rest, on Saturday we got on stage did out thing and we demolished it.”

HJ- “For the live shows will Tim Ripper Owens play with you guys, since he does have the bands he works with?”

MM- “We have Kyle my singer from Heavy As Texas, we were warming up, doing the sound check and I told Kyle do your thing man. He blew me away, he hit every note that Ripper hits. My goal was to get this project done with Ripper and Heaviest as Texas with Kyle.”

HJ- “What about the album artwork, who created this?”

MM- “My son, as I am giving him the idea he simply went at it. I could have had some guy with a computer, but this turned out to be great. I wanted to be passing a book to a kid, to our future, a message about passing hope passing it down to the next generation. The lyrics are very important, it’s in the mist of war. It takes place within the self, does not have to be a huge movement. It is as easy as taping in to a wall. Unfortunately our race has found a way to manipulate our selves.”

HJ- “Do you write music for the people, or do you write music for the love of it?”

MM- “I love music to be my self, that is what the people want. I am not worried about the technical part of it. I bring songs that are good, that spread a message. Music comes from within.”

HJ- “This record is intense, with the message and music composition, music will stand the test of time and this is one of those albums that will stand.”

MM- “Thank you, and thank you for understanding the message of purity and commitment to music not your ego.”

Marzi Montezari’s album The Uprising is out on stores now, it will draw you in with powerful riffs, and great lyrics sung by Tim The Ripper Owens. From the artwork being done by his son, to the music written with heart The Uprising will make you rage with purity.



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