Abnormality: Enough Said

DSC_0204Abnormality, the name should state it all. However, a band that plays extreme death metal needs to prove them selves to the crowd, bring up the masses and inflict pain on the listener’s necks. That is exactly what this brutal death metal band from Massachusetts did at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA during the Soulfly tour with other acts like Suffocation, Battlecross and Lody Kong. Abnormality was spawned in 2005; by vaious other acts ex-members, like Sexcrement, Forced Asphyxiation, Goratory, Parasitic Extripation and Iranach. Mallika Sundaramurthy is the face behind those grotesque vocal cords of Abnormality; she gives her soul to the music, as it is her passion. Their new album Mechanisms of Obniscience came out April 29th, and it is a gruesome violation to your ears. Make sure you get your copy of that brutality at its best. The set was short, but enough to fill the crave of death metal on a Thursday night, in cold Petaluma, CA where the gathering happened very last minute as a few hick ups happened due to venue changes etc. Non-the-less, Abnormality’s dark spirit did not brightened up and they were ready to give you hell during their performance after Lody Kong: the legacy continues with this young act following Max Cavalera’s footsteps. Igor Cavalera is part of this brutal assault and they were a great opening act. DSC_0209Back to Abrnormality, their trip from Orangevale, Ca. to Petaluma, Ca was a nice drive, as the band rested over night and got mentally prepared for this mayhem. We had the chance to witness the acts of this band and listening to them live is something you definitely want to do. Mallika gets off stage to sing among the crown of vicious metal heads, while the band plays relentlessly on stage punishing fans with their brutal sound. During the song titled “Mechanisms Of Obniscience” Sam Kirsch ads a great guitar lead making fans want to break some necks, meanwhile Jay Blaisdell punishes the drums with a hammering and intense double pedal making the walls tremble. As Josh Staples relentlessly beat the bass, Jeremy Henry would headbang adding the darker tones on rhythm guitar. It was a killer night and prior to that murderous act we had the chance to chat with Mallika about Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, her stand on woman fronting death metal, among other things. Check out the gallery of brutality and watch her interview, make sure to get their music, you will not regret making your ears bleed with their sound.


 Abnormality is:

  • Mallika Sundaramurthy – vocals (2005—present)
  • Sam Kirsch – lead guitar (2015—present)
  • Jeremy Henry – rhythm guitar (2005—present)
  • Josh Staples – bass (2009—present)
  • Jay Blaisdell – drums (2005—present)


Reported BY: Hostile Jo


Mallika- Death Bringer- (Vox) Abnormality


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