Dani Filth- Lineage and Talent Meet to Revamp Cradle of Filth’s Sound.



unnamedCradle of Filth will release their 12th studio album on September 22nd, via Nuclear Blast Records. The record is titled Cryptoriana-The Seductiveness of Decay, and it is a gothic packed album with destructive guitar riffs, interludes in the mix and Dani Filths’s signature vocals. The band recently went throught some changes, only to create a more modern sound, with multiple elements in the mix, such as thrash metal, second wave of black metal, and gothic themes that will evoke the inner spirit with morbid hymns. We had the honor to discuss album topics with Dani Filth, and below are some insightful words by the man himself.


Jose Barrientos- “All other previous albums have more than 8 songs, this one Cryptoriana- The Seductiveness  of Decay is eight tracks, do you compensate the amount of songs in the album with time and quality of the songs?”

Dani Filth- “Absolutely, we do not think about the length of the tracks, or the bonus but that is why we do add those extra songs at the end of the records. We do this once we are done recording and realize we have time to make it a special edition album as well as your regular format. All the tracks get attention and live equally none lack quality. The bonus tracks also have attention because we do not want to bastardized the cover tracks we want to keep it as close possible to the original. For me when I get a record I want to get as much as possible from that band, so I always get the special albums with bonus tracks.”

JB- “With various line up changes, and subtle drift in sound,  you’ve reverted back to and revamped the original sound, can you this new line up is hungry to write faster and heavier Cradle of Filth tracks?”

DF- “As mentioned before we are in a musical renaissance with the guys in the band, we have done two albums together and also two with Nuclear Blast, also we had a manager shift as our previous manager retired. We have the passion to create this music, we went through the band reboot, and we are going to be doing a world tour in support of “Cryptoriana”.Yes, the band wants to go out and tour play live.”

JB- “This album is strikingly grotesques, and musically startling, what other album do you recall having such splendor that you personally match to this one?”

DF- “On a personal level I would say the album has elements of multiple albums, such as Damnation and A Day, Dusk and Her Embrace on a modern scale the content resonates more with Hammer of the Witches and a blend of Nymphetamine.”

JB- “The interludes which Cradle of Filth has been know for are present, is that a must for your music?”

DF- “The old opener and closer instrumental tracks are gone, instead we have longer songs with cool guitar solos, not detrimental to the songs. But we do have a lot of melodic riffs. However, we did add the interludes in the middle of songs, in smaller segments which add more ghostly sound and eerie tone to all the tracks. We added a choir to the songs, to make it spooky and based on the subject matter.

We added the interludes in poignant parts of the songs, as they tell a story, it is for story theatrics. We emphasize on lead sopranos which compliments the themes which is a Victorian era, where they had an obsession with death, hence why we called it Cryptoriana, two words in one, crypt coming from Latin which mean sepulcher and “riana” from Victorian era, they were infatuated with death and spiritualism.”

JB- “How do you evolve as a musician, and composer and manage to keep the classic Cradle of Filth sound alive in this album?”

DF- “As the vocalist I can hang out with the band while they are playing, we have great talented musicians in this band. The relatively new musicians, and we are talking about four and a half years are Guitarist “” but the one we have had worked with for 10 years now is Martin our drummer. There is a lineage here, and longevity to the band. A legacy which they are taking over of, and we can say they all have their favorite classic Cradle of Filth songs, blood is passed down and they are in a renaissance musician stage where we are delivering cool songs.”

JB- “You created the classic black metal and fused it with thrash metal riffs and solos, what drove you to do that?”

DF- “The album does have thrash metal elements, but there are plenty of Cradle of Filth Elements, The initial albums we worked with British metal, gothic doomish like Paradise Lost and so on. All the tracks have their own identity.”

JB- “Would you ever consider doing a thrash metal album with this line up?”

DF- “Well we covered Annihilator’s Allison Hell, a spooky track, we did not cradle it as much we wanted to keep it in the same feel, as the song is a really great song. We try to play it as close as possible. That is our way of playing other music with the Cradle of Filth touch.”

JB- “This  album made me feel the way I did when I first heard Midian close to 20 years ago, astonished, how have fans respond to the two songs you have release, You will know the lion by his claw and Heartbreak and seance?”

DF- “Based on what I read, and I seldom read what this platform has, Youtube, the fans reaction has been favorable. We will be unleashing another track the end of next week, in video lyric format and it is a cool track. It is for Achingly Beautiful.”

The album Cryptoriana- The Seductiveness of Decay will be out on September 22nd, via Nuclear Blast Records, make sure to pre-order your copy.


Written by: Jose Barrientos


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The album is now available for pre-orders and can now be accessed here!

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