Superjoint Released ‘Caught Up In The Gears of Application’ and Blue has Some Brutal Words!!


Let us just get to it, we had a chat with Joey “Blue” Gonzalez of Superjoint and this is what he gave us an insight on. Are you as stoked as we are, because Blue sure as hell was thrilled. Check it out:

Hostile Jo- “First off thank you for taking the time to chat with us. You Joey Blue Gonzalez have been playing with Philip Anselmo and The Illegals behind the drums, was it easy to do a transition from that band to Superjoint?”

Blue- “Yea man it was a pretty easy transition we had been playing several songs with the illegals so we had already had some Superjoint songs, we played some Pantera cover songs and  the chemistry was there and we just kept jamming.”

HJ- “Thats pretty sick! so as soon after you did those two tours together you decided to join forces and went from Superjoint Ritual to Superjoint, what gave you guys that idea to shortened the name.”

Blue- “It was easier, everyone just called us Superjoint anyways, and just overtime its a different band, different entity but with the same direction, just to make it easier for everybody.”

HJ- “Thats pretty cool, what was the recording process for this album and would this be a debut album for this new entity?”

Blue- “Yea you can kind of say that, like i said we are trying to stay true to the tradition of the attitude and sort of mentality of Superjoint which is pretty mean as fuck, its this monster with this guys, everybody is in a clear state of mind, we are excited to make music we are trying to make the most angry and aggressive music, while having fun with your bros. We are having fun making this aggressive sound while having fun.”

HJ- “This music has a lot of impact, I have listened to the old super joint ritual sound and its that NOLA sound you guys have. That quality sound, sometimes people don’t look into it but once you dig deeper you enjoy it and the restless drum blasts, while Anselmo is killing it up front.”

    In terms of the recording process how long was it?

Blue- “Thank you man! We try to work through this one pretty fast, when we first got together on that second Housecore, we knew a couple songs and once we got in the studio we were like damn, it got good for us real fast. We did a two week session, cranked out as much as we could and picked some solid tunes. With the attitude everyone has right now, we are anxious to get the record out and get on the road and show everyone what the fuck we are all about.  I mean we are on fire, we haven’t been on the road or played in a while, and we have butterflies ready to for the cd release show at the Gas Monkey, and we are ready to show the world we still go it. So, I envision us probably getting ready to do another record next year.”

HJ- “That is brutal man, its always good to know that bands are ready to dish out music and want to give us the most blasphemous sounds that they have. When you get a CD out there that people react to it its a great feeling and accomplishment and  I am sure that you guys are stoked.”

Blue- “You know it’s exciting, I’m actually standing in the warehouse and in front of me are the boxes of records, we are about to hold them. We have not even seen them our selves so we are about to do that, its going to be pretty special. Its been ten thirteen year in the making and I’m am stoked. I never thought in my career that I would have made it, to share stage with Philip, and revive one of his most pissed off projects ever.I am a happy guy and extremely happy to be a part of this. We have nothing to prove and everything to prove at the same time.”

HJ- “Every song in this album is brutal, starting off with “Ruin You” moving up along to “Mutts Bite Too” its non stop aggressiveness, specially with the times. It is going to resonate big.”

Blue- “Yea that is what I’m saying this record is not going to leave a sweet taste in your mouth, specially if its good for some and bad for others. That is what I’m hoping it does. You have been smart about it and listened to it more than once, right off the bat initially this is a very catchy record mean and it has hooks. If you can do that that is incredible. I don’t listen to any new metal, anything with happy notes, i rather create my own band with my homies, my favorite bands were out around the time when i was born, you know Gammacide, Rigor Mortis, Rotting Corpse, bands like this. I love Suffocation, Cannibal, Behemoth. from where I am from this motherfucker invented it. We just had a part in it. So for me that is what I want to be a part of it, I don’t want to necessarily want a label, grind core or whatever, but i want to be extreme a fuck, even if it need to be with Superjoint, but i want to push the buttons, like in wrestling there is always a bad guy, say hello to the bad guys. You wanted a bad guy motherfuckers we are going to give you a bunch of bad guys. You have all this talented bands out there that give a lot, that is who our brothers are, the dudes that get out there and grind.”

HJ- “Yea its true, I talked to a lot of other guys and like you said its not about what kind of genre you play, death metal black metal, it all has to have an impact and its all metal, wave lengths of brutality, something that gives you impact, you know bands like Behemoth, Slayer, Suffocation. I love their aggressiveness. The first time I saw Superjoint Ritual was in Ozzfest, it was fucking brutal. I was getting food, and heard Philip Anselmo, and turned around as I recognize Phil anywhere, I stopped eating, their brutality and aggressiveness was simply killer. They caught my attention right away, I was sold then and love the sound now, I said take my money.”

Blue- “Im a stickler for any new projects, I have tons of friends back home that are in many talented bands, and there are very few that you walk into a room and give you that effect. They just floor you, to that point that you are like what the fuck. That is what I think Philip is doing with Housecore, he gets bands that just floor you. Just like Child Bite, perfect example, they are weird fun to watch, but they are talented guys. We are used to this very well produced sound in  music this days, that people don’t know what the fuck is real anymore. That is all we try to give them, the realest of the real. I use triggers, we keep up with the times I do that with Warbeast, but in the same sense it still has to feel real. We don’t want to hide anywhere, just don’t make sense. If  you take a band like King Parrot, they are heavy, groovy, real fucking incredible, they are extremely unique, this is what Philip is trying to show the world, how much else is out there, instead of what you keep being fed and what everybody says. Like dude check out the fucking double bass pedal, We want to show everybody that there is plenty out there to enjoy, we want everybody to love everybody…or not.”

HJ- “There is an evolution that Superjoint has, rooted to the NOLA sound, I was listening to the album, and I thought Holy crap, I was not looking for any guitar solos, I enjoyed each note, and aggressiveness. I was floored, honestly Philip Anselmo is doing a great job he is the fucking man, and thanks to him and talented guys like you guys JImmy, Kevin and the rest of the gang its just amazing how brutal you guys are.  Nothing is sugar coated, if you want this crazy sound get it.”

Blue- “Yea absolutely, if you want realism and guys that play real crazy sounds go to the town metal show and listen to those guys Phil likes to call “Lifers”. Take the fucking time to see the guys that are just… bands, be honest for what you are doing. If you are out there to take names and kick ass; do it be true to your self. Its hard to go out there because there are so many of us, but everyone is telling me that the industry is changing so much, it makes me work 100 times harder. The people that work hard are your friends, those who work hard, that is what Housecore is all about, you know Jimmy, Phil, Kevin we all work hard.

In terms of tour is there anything coming up?

We have November 12th, Caught Up In The Gears of Application, Superjoint is tentatively going to hit the road around January. I really appreciate the time man.

Absolutely, it was a pleasure getting into the real roots of what music is all about. The honest anger sounds and aggressive waves by Superjoint.

There is is, the word of Joey “Blue” Gonzalez, who is as excited as we were to know Superjoint is back on the grid, projecting their most aggressive album jet, Caught Up In The Gears of Application. If you have not gotten this record make sure to visit Housecore Records and order your copy and be ready to be floored, expect nothing less than brutal fucking sound waves.

Interview By: Hostile Jo

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