Cellar Darling- The Voice of An Angel Raising Hell

cellarCellar Darling just unleashed a new album and it s a great one. Their desire and ability to write music got them to form in a year, and write their debut album as well. Their album is titled This is The Sound, it describes what they are going to provide in the album, in other words the sound of Cellar Darling. The band also recorded a documentary, self produced and recorded adding more strain to their recording process, and well they loved every second of it. Their new album is out now via Nuclear Blast Records and here are a few words Anna Murphy, lead singer had to offer.

Hostile Jo- “The Process of this newly released album must have been pretty intense, what do you contribute such drive to get a band going and release an album all within less than a year?”

Anna Murphy- “Yes, it all went quiet fast, not only did we start a band but we wrote an entire album all in one year. It all comes down to the burst of creativity that is within us. We just took things as they came, we were also surprise as a result. We had a lot of things in us to write about.”

HJ- “Did you feel any pressure to create a different style of music  from that of Eluveitie when hitting the studio?”

ANNA- “Its the same as with the process, it’s completely natural, we didn’t tell our selfs we were not going to sound like Eluveitie, or we were going to sound like them. We just sat down and we just played, it all happened organically.”

HJ- “This is the Sound- is a title that can define what you are telling the world with your music style, were you trying to make a statement with this name?”

ANNA-“Basically its a very bold statement, some people might think it’s arrogant but its meant in an exciting way. We are very happy we found our sound.This is a title that represents the album.”

HJ- “The Video to Black Moon is in a desert, what inspired that theme?”

ANNA- “The lyrics inspire the video, the song is a bit of an abstracts does not tell a real story, its a representation of cultures, this people meet and thinking the world is going to end when an eclipse happened but nothing takes place- it was a perfect place to have this video give it that sort of apocalyptic feel – tenerife.”

HJ- “The sound over all is a lot more soothing, yet powerful and heavy as well. Is that how you want to differentiate Cellar Darling from Eluveitie?”

ANNA- “No, not really like I said it was an organic process, the songs that we wrote they just happened on their own accord, we have very ecliptic taste in music, maybe heavier soft on the future and slower songs whatever we feel like at the moment.”

HJ- “Are there any plans of touring in support of this new record?”

ANNA- “Almost the top of our list, we love touring there, the ball is rolling we have some tours in Europe, we hope that an opportunity rises.”

HJ- “During this album recording, you did a documentary was there a point during that process where you wanted to give up on the album, or any aspect of this new accomplishment?”

Anna- “The good thing about our band, is we are three really good friends. I like documentaries once they are done, Marylin is really into that stuff, he is on top of social media and promotions. I am creative the idea was by him, its really a good way to let the fans into our world.”

Written By: Hostile Jo

Here is Cellar Darlin discussing some interesting facts about who they are and how they are different from Eluveitie.

Check out their music video to “Black Moon”-




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