Bruce Corbitt- Enters The Arena- A Heart Felt Interview

JEY_6981The battle had just begun, as the frontman entered the arena to savage on a demon unlike no other. Bruce Corbitt was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, and the metal community united to support this rock star. From goring vocals with Rigor Mortis to what is now Warbeast, Bruce delivered a savage tone of brutal lyrics. The man behind Warbeast will enter the surgical room within five days, on August 28, 2017 Bruce will undergo the most rigorous surgery with hopes he comes out alive, as  fans await for his return. In a heartfelt interview I had with the man himself, we could not contain the desire for prosperity, and a defeat of that vile disease. Warbeast recently unleashed their roaring record titled Enter The Arena, a devastating old school Texas thrash metal album via Housecore Records and it will floor you. This is what took place that night as I chatted with Bruce Corbitt lead singer of Warbeast:

Hostile Jo- “About  Enter The Arena- newest released by Warbeast- what Crossed your mind after you heard it once it was done?”

 Bruce Corbitt- “I was so excited,it had been so long in between albums and  that satisfaction was huge, because it came out like we wanted it or even better than what we planned. Very proud and pleased of the over all results.”

HJ- “You worked intensely with Philip Anselmo, did he have any input in the mixing or sound?”

BC- “Yea he had a lot of input, he becomes another member of the band. During the hole recording process he gets involved with any ideas right there on the spot. He helped me write some lyrics for “Centuries of Poisoned Soil”. I asked him again if he liked to team up with me and write some lyrics together. He is a full hands on type of producer, and we respect his opinion and are opened to any suggestions. Now we have the right to say no, he is a metal genius, he usually has great ideas and most of the time he helps us out and we are opened to it.”

HJ- Philip Anselmo works for multiple bands,  and has full hands with his record label Housecore Records, and works very close with Joey Gonzalez, who is also in multiple bands. What do you think pushes Joey to write music with all those bands?”

BC- “I am not trying to pad my self or take the credit, but I am kind of responsible for that happening. When we were working on 2009’s Crush The Enemy, that is when Philip got to meet all the other guys in the band, he knew me and Scott Shelby from the past, but that was the first initial talks when Philip brought up his solo album- Philip Anselmo and The Illegals. He started talking about that, mentioned he was looking for the musicians, me and Scott were sitting there and we said well Joey he is a great motherfucker. Philip said I do not know man, things like that can create problems between bands. I said come on man we are like family I’ve known you for over 20 years, its cool you know. 30 minutes later Joey walked in and I brought it up, one thing led to another and he got to record with The Illegals and then of course Superjoint reunited and then all led to that. Joey is a hard working drummer, he earned it even thought I might have suggested that idea, but Joey is a beast behind the drums.”

HJ- “You are not with the band, it is a hard hit for the metal community, your family and the band your second family, how are you staying busy during this time?”

BC- “For a while there as soon as the first ER visit I had to immediately fight for my life. I went to many doctors, getting treatments and right now I’m just trying to strengthen my self prepping for the big surgery that is on August 28th. In the meantime I am just trying to spend as much quality times with loved ones, family and friends. You have to be optimistic but, at the same time know that you  might not make it. You have to take every moment that you can, savor every moment. I wish I had all the time in the world, or know that you were gonna pass away on a certain day, I would do so much. I am confident that I am gonna beat it, even hanging out with my wife watching a movie I cherish every moment. I am still going to see Iron Maiden in the middle of my treatment. People see me and ask “why are you out?” Well it’s better than sitting around on the couch.”

HJ- “We are sending all our thoughts, prayers and positive thoughts your way.”

BC- “Thank you so much I felt the love, the support. I mean I have an army behind me, I hate to think that I would lose the fight having so many people in my corner.”

HJ- “In terms of this last album with Warbeast, have you encouraged the band to continue without you, or once you beat this and win the battle would you return to Warbeast and say lets rock this?”

BC- “To be honest, Warbeast has been going on for 11 years, Scott and I started it, but we’ve know each other from when we play in other bands; him in Gammacide and me in Rigor Mortis. We are brothers, Joey came in a year later and also has been there the entire time. We talked last year, we decided that if it was one original guy left we didn’t think it would be appropriate to continue the band. Joey was already going to be living the band anyway, but the bottom line is with Scott and I, is not really Warbeast without us. It is the same when Tony Iomi was the last member of Black Sabbath, it was not the same. It was the right thing to do.

I encouraged them to try and continue and start a new band. If they want to continue together they should just call it a different name. They have my support, if Scoot or I left we would not continue as Warbeast. As soon as I got my diagnosis, I knew it was going to be a few years of pure hell to fight for my life. Once I beat this, which I’m confident I will and I’m cancer free, I told Scott that he would be the first one to know and we could continue. I did not want to have that in the back of my mind. They are all understanding no one has acted like they wanted to keep going, Philip and Kate from the label are understanding, they all know it would not be right.”

HJ- “The brutal raw old school Texas metal resonates across the room, what bands inspired you?”

BC- “Definitely the early German thrash metal bands, Destruction and Kreator, then we have our American bands, Metallica Anthrax, Megadeth. We were old enough to start up this new sound. We were at the age where we were ready to take it to the next level. Destruction has always been there, they are great friends and they have been very supportive of me through out this crazy thing I am going through. They invited me out last month during their tour in Dallas for a special show.”

HJ- “That breaks the stigma of the perception of metal heads, when they are known as angry. When it comes to things like this we are supportive of each other. We are such a tight community that no one outside the circle understands us. We are there for one another during bad times, as well as the good ones.”

BC- “Yea, man I am hearing from Anvil, all the NOLA bands that I am friends with, even a band i grew up with from the 70’s, they heard about it, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton sent me a video saying I was gonna beat this. It is true, what you said the metal community is tight and people only see our rough exteriors but man, what a genre we have. There are many people with good hearts who come together during good and bad times to support each other.”

HJ- “Where you ready to hit the road as soon as the album was produced?”

BC- “Oh yea, that is what is so crazy man about how all this just hit me and turned our lives around, not just mine but everybody, I had shows booked in Texas. Just like each time we finish an album. It has been devastating, you have to turn it into other situations, which is great, deep down its great what everyone has done but as Friday comes I was ready to hit the road.”

HJ- “As a fan, we appreciate you and we love the music. We are hoping you get out of that surgery and kick that cancer’s ass. We will be here waiting for all the good news and the minute we hear you are good I will call you making sure you know how stoked we are.”

BC- “Well thank you so much, it was a good run and I have so much to give. I am gonna fight like no one else has fought before. Hopefully I will be back one day doing what I love the most.”

HJ- “What was your favorite song from the album?”

BC- “I think Punishment For Gluttony, it is pure Warbeast, the adrenaline and the sound. But truly Centuries of Poisoned Soil, I got to work with Phil on that one and we heard it so we decided to make it the first track. Once we played it live a couple times and we saw the crowd responding to it.”

HJ- “Thank you for the music, thank you for the time to chat with us.”

BC- “Thanks it took a while to record, but I am glad we are getting such great feedback from this album.”

Those are the words of a man who gave his life to metal, and his desire to continue once he wins this battle is strong. The vocals, the rage and the music is what drove Bruce Corbitt to sing like no other, living each day and enjoying the moments we all take for granted. Bruce delivered a brutal album. Now a few days before his big surgery Bruce tells us about his forthcoming days in hell, and what he has endured so far. The roaring lion has not seized to exist, he simply is dormant awaiting for the raging fans love and praise to the music him and his gang composed. The end of time is not this, the end of the line is far beyond and Warbeast will reign again.

Interview by- Hostile Jo

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